Corona forecast: virologist Christian Drosten sounds the alarm – “The numbers look bad”

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Could the dimensions of the corona winter wave only emerge in October? Virologist Christian Drosten paints a gloomy picture, the expert explains: “The numbers look bad”.

Berlin – Autumn has arrived in Germany and with it cool temperatures. Before exactly this time, many experts on the corona pandemic had warned that an increase in the number of infections was inevitable. And indeed: initially the values ​​had risen sharply, but for a few days the pandemic in Germany has appeared to be easing again. If virologist Christian Drosten has his way, he considers the current situation to be a temporary phenomenon.

Corona in Germany: Will the final dimension of the winter wave only become apparent in October?

As the scientist from the Berlin Charité had explained on Tuesday evening in an excerpt from the podcast “Coronavirus Update” at NDR-Info, it can already be seen that the incidence in eastern German federal states is apparently picking up speed again regardless of the end of the holiday. Drosten explains that the next wave is already on the horizon: “I think there are now signs of the autumn and winter wave that we will probably see again in October”.

The last increase in the number of infections at the end of summer, however, was not necessarily the start of the winter wave. Rather, the increase in the corona incidence was due in particular to testing in schools after the end of the summer vacation and cases that were brought in. In view of the current quota of around 64 percent fully vaccinated in the population, he is assuming that they will start rolling this year at a point in time like last year, the corona expert told the broadcaster. At that time it was clear in the second half of October “that we are going into an exponential increase again”.

Gloomy Corona forecast: Virologist Drosten sounds the alarm – “The numbers look bad”

Closing the vaccination gaps must be a goal for society as a whole, stressed Drosten. It is important to convince people who have not yet been vaccinated or to get them to get vaccinated in some other way. This is no longer a scientific task, but a political one. In the podcast, the virologist also commented on the current vaccination rate, which the expert assessed as inadequate: “The numbers look bad.”

Denmark, for example, is in a significantly better position than Germany. Drosten referred to the uncertainty that possibly more people in this country have already been vaccinated than previously recorded in the reporting system. At the moment this is a “good hope”, but should not be the basis for decisions and planning.

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