Corona in Bavaria: Söder government decides to relax schools significantly – teachers’ association on the barricades

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The German Teachers’ Association warns against loosening the measures in schools too quickly. In Bavaria, the mask requirement will be lifted in class from Monday.

Munich – It’s a constant topic in Bavarian schools. Do you need a mask or not? If many students and parents have their way, the answer would probably be no. If you had asked the representatives of the Bavarian government until recently, a yes would have come out. But now the U-turn. In the most recent cabinet meeting, a massive relaxation of the mask requirement in schools was decided. And criticism follows promptly. This time on the part of the teachers.

So that the coronavirus * cannot spread indiscriminately in schools after the summer holidays, a mask requirement at the square should prevent this. Not anymore. This obligation will no longer apply from October 4th. Goodbye corona masks * in class. A mask no longer has to be worn at other school events or during lunchtime care. This rule even applies if the required safety distance from the neighbor in the classroom cannot be maintained.

All other rules that the cabinet has decided can be found in our overview.

Mask requirement in school: Teachers’ Association is critical of the repeal

For the President of the German Teachers’ Association (DL), Heinz-Peter Meidinger, a step in the wrong direction. He receives support from the Education and Science Union (GEW). “It is understandable that many people would like to fundamentally lift the mask requirement in the classroom, but it still makes sense as part of the package of measures, depending on the infection rate. The interaction of all measures offers the best possible health protection for schoolchildren, their parents and teachers, ”said GEW chairman Maike Finnern dem Editorial network Germany (RND).

Meidinger also warns against loosening it too quickly. He said that RND on Friday: “The abandonment of tests and the premature abolition of the mask requirement as well as the excessive reduction in quarantine measures increases the risk that the school will become a black box, which no longer allows infection control. For health protection measures to be based exclusively on the corona bed occupancy in intensive care units, the principle of preventive care would be replaced by a system that can react far too late to increasing incidences in schools. “

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Corona tests at Bavarian schools will continue

There will continue to be regular tests at Bavarian schools. That was one reason why the Bavarian state government waved through the easing in the first place. In other federal states – for example Thuringia – rapid tests * have already been canceled. According to Meidinger, it is a dangerous development. And the different rules in the different federal states also bother the DL president. “It is annoying that there is still a motley patchwork quilt when it comes to health protection measures in schools, regardless of how intense the infection is,” he said RND. Because in addition to the mask requirement, testing or quarantine rules are handled differently.

However, there is a ray of hope for the head of the teachers’ association. The vaccination rate among young people is steadily increasing. “The incidence figures are currently quite high, especially in the age cohort of children and adolescents, but at the same time the vaccination rate for schoolchildren over the age of twelve has been increasing rapidly since there was a general vaccination recommendation from Stiko.” October) of the Robert Koch Institute * (RKI) 37.8 percent of 12 to 17 year olds in Bavaria are vaccinated at least once. The second vaccination is 30.7 percent. This means that the free state is, however, below the German average (41.9% / 34.6%).

For Meidinger, the increasing vaccination rate and the measures are a reason why there are currently only small outbreaks in schools and there are no uncontrolled infections. And the DL boss is also sure that the schools will be able to hold their classes this year. “As things stand now, we are not assuming that complete or partial school closings will be necessary again, with the associated switch to distance and alternating lessons.” * / bayern is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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