Corona: Spahn warns of incidences of more than 800 in October – domestic policy

Despite the current low incidence, is government scare tactics returning?

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (41, CDU) warned on Wednesday of a drastic increase in the seven-day incidence in Germany. The 400 mark could be exceeded in September and the 800 mark in October if the current development continues, said Spahn.

► There is currently a strong increase in the number of infections. The Robert Koch Institute put the seven-day incidence at 11.4 on Wednesday, after 10.9 on Tuesday.

During the pandemic, the incidence value was always cited as THE decisive value when it came to measures to contain the infections. Currently, however, the federal government seems to be moving away from this factor as the only yardstick.

Spahn also sees the incidence value as outdated! But then why does he warn against such high numbers?

▶ ︎ Another value, the so-called R value, which indicates how many other people an infected person infects on average, is above the critical value of one, said Spahn.

His warning: “Now in July it will be decided how the situation will be in autumn.”

The federal states should be consulted as to the incidence values ​​above which new restrictions should apply. Everything has to be done to keep the numbers as low as possible, for example through consistent use of protective masks, according to Spahn.

BUT: At the same time, the Minister of Health pointed out that old limit values ​​could not be used because the higher vaccination rate, for example, meant that the number of hospitalizations and corona patients in intensive care units was lower than before.

An incidence of 800, which Spahn warns of, sounds bad. However, he says himself: It seems to be the case that “200 is the new 50,” said Spahn about earlier limit values ​​for corona restrictions.

► In an internal document available to BILD, the RKI recommends that “hospitalization as an additional key indicator” be included in decisions. The RKI expects a “decrease in the proportion of severe cases”, since the risk groups are almost completely vaccinated.

Even with higher numbers of infections, Corona is therefore less dangerous for the health system.