Costa admits that the PS defeat at the Autárquicas has a national explanation

The secretary general of the PS admitted this Saturday that there were national causes in some defeats and situations of loss of votes for his party in the last local elections, asking for internal reflection and attention to the voice of citizens.

This analysis of the results of the September 26 elections was made by António Costa in his speech before the National Commission of the PS, a meeting taking place in Lisbon.

In his speech, which was open to journalists, the socialist leader insisted on the thesis that the PS “has beaten the local authorities regardless of the criteria for analyzing the electoral results”.

However, shortly thereafter, he noted that “it is also true that the PS has 12 fewer chamber presidencies than it did four years ago.”

“Many will say that it is normal and that someday we would have to start having a result no better than the previous one. It was this time. But we also have fewer votes and fewer mandates. Therefore, it is a moment that the party must reflect and consider well. about what happened in the local elections,” he said.

Without referring to specific cases of defeats in some municipal councils, the PS general secretary argued that in his party it is “certainly” known that in many municipalities the causes of having been lost “will be mainly local”.