Covid-19: Faced with the 5th wave, everything that changes from this Monday

COVID-19 – Since November 15, all departments have moved to level 2 of the health protocol in schools, including the wearing of compulsory masks for all students.

This Monday, November 29, after Olivier Véran’s new announcements during the week in the face of the strong surge of the fifth wave of Covid-19, this level 2 health protocol is maintained, but will be supplemented by a tracing protocol aimed at identify reported cases and contact cases. Which now gives the following measurements:

In schools:

– After a confirmed case, continuation of face-to-face learning for students tested negative.

– Distance learning for students tested positive and isolation for 10 days before returning to class.

– Families are invited to perform a new screening after 7 days.

In middle and high schools:

– Pupils who are at-risk without full vaccination continue for 7 days of distance learning.

– Pupils at-risk contacts who justify a complete vaccination continue the face-to-face lessons.

At school, there will therefore no longer be a 7-day class closure from the first positive case, as was still the case.

The validity of the tests increases to 24 hours

The tests, which remain free for minors, can be carried out in any structure carrying them out (pharmacy, laboratory, doctor, etc.) or through the presence of laboratories in the school establishment, which does not is not the case everywhere. The antigenic tests carried out in pharmacies will also be valid.

Note that if three positive cases are detected in the same class, there will be no systematic closure either because it will be up to the Regional Health Agency (ARS) to decide locally.

Contacted this Sunday evening by The Parisian, the entourage of the Minister of National Education, faced with the “probable” arrival in France of the Omicron variant deemed “worrying” by the WHO, announces that it will not modify this new health protocol coming into force on Monday . He thus indicates “do not change the protocols at the last moment”, with the idea of ​​always leaving “several days for schools to prepare”. National Education awaits “the opinion of the Ministry of Health which will, if necessary, take decisions for the entire population before schools”.

In addition, outside of school now, Olivier Véran announced during the week that PCR and antigen tests will only be valid for 24 hours, and no longer 72 hours. This measure comes into effect on Monday.

“This means that, very concretely, if you have not yet been vaccinated (double dose) and if you wish to benefit from the health pass, you will therefore have to be tested every day at your expense, unless you are symptomatic with a prescription from your doctor or if you have recognized yourself as a contact case by the Regional Health Agency or by health insurance ”, summed up the Minister of Health.

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