Covid-19. Germany to limit public life for unvaccinated

Faced with a fourth wave of the covid-19 pandemic, Germany will not sit idly by. Coming soon, only people vaccinated or known to have recovered from the disease will be able to enter restaurants and attend events public, cultural and sports.

According to documents that the Reuters agency had access to, the measure should apply only to regions of the country where hospitalizations have exceeded a limit set by the Government.

Saxony, the German state hardest hit by the fourth wave of the pandemic, is even considering a partial confinement that may include the suspension of plays, concerts and football matches, as reported by the German newspaper image.

The State of Saxony has the highest infection rate in the country and the lowest vaccination rate. New daily infections increased 14 times in just the last month.

Michael Kretschmer, president of Saxony, assured the National Parliament that his coalition “is prepared to impose clear and strict measures” to combat the pandemic situation. The leader said he still believed that restricting measures to those who do not have a vaccine is not enough.

The German decision comes in the same week that Austria also decided to impose a confinement on unvaccinated citizens.

The latest wave of the covid-19 pandemic in Europe comes at a sensitive time for Germany, where Chancellor Angela Merkel waits for three parties to negotiate a new form of government after inconclusive elections.

This Thursday, these three parties passed a law that authorizes the Bundestag (German Parliament) to authorize measures to stop the pandemic. This law will make it possible to reinforce some of the rules that are already being applied, such as the obligation to show a vaccination certificate or negative test in public transport or at the workplace, as well as the mandatory use of masks.

Some experts believe that the rise in the number of cases of infection in Germany is due to the increase in living in closed spaces, something related to the colder temperatures that are felt outside.

The committee created by the German government for vaccination against covid-19 has already recommended a third dose of the vaccine for everyone over 18 in the country.