Covid-19: likely government announcements on Monday

To counter the arrival of the fifth wave of Covid-19 in France, a new Health Defense Council will be held on Monday, December 6. Prime Minister Jean Castex has already indicated that “additional measures” could be taken there.

Announced as “dazzling” by government spokesman Gabriel Attal on November 21, the fifth wave quickly spread in France, as everywhere in Europe. A worrying phenomenon three weeks before Christmas, which pushes many European countries to take new restrictions.

The government of Jean Castex should announce a tightening of sanitary pass controls and a strengthening of measures limiting the spread of the coronavirus. The emphasis should once again be placed on the importance of vaccination against Covid-19, with avenues to facilitate access to the third dose. Other avenues are mentioned.

The reopening of vaccination centers

Stopped for a few months, 300 vaccination centers will be reopened in the coming days, according to an announcement made by LREM MP Aurore Bergé on Europe 1 this Friday.

The goal will be to increase the current rate estimated at 500,000 vaccinations each day. The latter was deemed insufficient by the executive to avoid the epidemic peak scheduled for early January.

Traveling in the Gulf this Friday, the President of the French Republic insisted on the government’s priority, namely mass vaccination. “We must continue to vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate, to respect barrier gestures”, assured Emmanuel Macron on the sidelines of his international trip.

Advanced school holidays?

During the Easter holidays last April, the Ministry of National Education had imposed a week of remote classes and advanced the holidays. An identical solution could be implemented due to the high incidence rate in children aged 6 to 10 years, with 754 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

A proposal that would echo that taken in Belgium. The neighboring country has brought the Christmas holidays forward this Friday by one week in kindergartens and primary schools.

Towards an obligation to telework?

Labor Minister Elisabeth Borne insisted last week on the use of telework as much as possible, without however making it compulsory as has been the case in Belgium since November 22.

A measure that could be taken on Monday, after focusing on wearing a mask and respecting safety distances in company restaurants 7 days ago.

Reinforced controls for the health pass

A turn of the screw had been observed in recent months in France regarding sanitary pass controls in catering places.

Deemed insufficient by the government, these should be further strengthened in all public establishments. According to Europe 1, since September 1, 270 tickets have been notified for a total of 6,849 checks.

Wearing a reinforced mask

The obligation to wear a mask outdoors could be extended. Already compulsory in 41 French departments, the use of the mask was reinstated at the end of November in certain outdoor places located in Paris.