Covid-19: pregnancy is not a contraindication to mRNA vaccination, says Olivier Véran

CORONAVIRUS – The Minister of Health said on Tuesday that pregnancy was not a contraindication to vaccination against Covid-19, via messenger RNA. Pregnant women will therefore not be exempt from the provisions related to the health pass.

Apart from three situations, “which potentially concern a few hundred French people, there is no contraindication to the messenger RNA vaccine” against Covid-19. Before the deputies on Tuesday, Olivier Véran detailed a (very) restrictive list – established after consultation with the National Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM), the committee on the vaccine strategy of Alain Fischer and the scientific council – of pathologies making vaccination against the virus impossible. Pregnancy is not one of them.

The first contraindication is “syndrome PIMS”, or pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome, a complication “extremely rare” which has affected some children and adolescents as a result of infection with the coronavirus. The second concerns “reactions like myocarditis, pericarditis and severe hepatitis requiring hospitalization and following a first injection of mRNA vaccine”, added the Minister of Health. The last concerns people who are allergic to one of the components of the vaccine, PEG2000, or polyethylene glycol, a situation that “must concern about 10 cases in our country”, he adds.

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Covid-19: the challenge of vaccination

Pregnant women not affected

“Apart from these situations, there is no contraindication to the mRNA vaccine, neither the first semester pregnancy, nor the last trimester pregnancy, nor a history of allergy to an antibiotic”, hammers the former member of the Isère. “It is therefore on this basis that proper medical certificates can be recognized as contraindications and not on a simple medical or pharmaceutical opinion with an allergic history”, he insists.

Until now, the Covid-19 vaccine was not recommended for women in early pregnancy due to a lack of data. However, no particular risk was observed in those who nevertheless received a dose of the vaccine during this period.

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