Covid-19: what measures could be taken at the health defense council of tomorrow?

A new wave of measures before the holidays? As an extension of the health defense council, which will be held today afternoon (4 p.m.), the government is preparing other announcements to contain the Covid-19 epidemic.

After the extension of the booster dose to all adults, the opening of vaccination for children at risk or the closure of nightclubs, other measures are therefore expected.

The focus should always be on immunization. A lead has already been mentioned by the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, to accelerate the campaign for the booster shot: shortening the time to receive this new dose. If we have to wait five months today, the wait time could drop to three months.

A list of rules to follow for holiday meals?

Other hypotheses point to a strengthening of border controls, even if their effect is debated, or the announcement of rules to be followed for the end of year celebrations. Limited number of guests? Incentive to get tested before attending a family meal? Separation of people at risk from the rest of the family? The possibilities are many.

Considered as a major vector for the spread of Covid-19, will children aged 5-11 be declared eligible for vaccination? If the executive is rather favorable, it is not certain that the announcements of tomorrow urge parents to take the plunge.

Containment and curfew excluded

The idea of ​​a new confinement or a curfew, whether for the unvaccinated or the entire population, is not on the agenda, however, assured the government (without definitively rejecting this solution).

One week before Christmas, closing the stores again seems an impossible decision to take and assume for power. Restrictions on bars and restaurants could be considered, although this choice seems very unlikely.