CPR Rally Mortágua: Ricardo Teodósio wins title, in a dramatic final race

Ricardo Teodósio and José Teixeira became Portugal’s Rally Champions, Bruno Magalhães and Carlos Magalhães won the Mortágua Rally.

What a rally! Inappropriate for the cardiac. Later on we’ll explain everything, but for now, just the relevant facts: Armindo makes a spin in qualifying and is the first on the road. He lost his way with just over a kilometer in PE1, and left the decision of the title in the hands of Ricardo Teodósio. The Algarvian has problems with the Skoda gearbox and is late in the morning of the race, arriving at midday 22.5s from the second place he needed to be champion, if he also obtained two points in PowerStage. In the afternoon, Teodósio started a good recovery that took him from fourth to second place, surpassing Miguel Correia in the last special, with the young Skoda driver revealing that he had problems with the ‘wastegate’ (turbo valve), thus justifying the whole wasted time in the afternoon. With the victory in PowerStage Ricardo Teodósio and José Teixeira secured their second title in three years.

A title that suited either of the two pairs that took the fight to the final race.

The icing on the cake of this rally was the triumph of Bruno Magalhães and Carlos Magalhães, who gave their new Hyundai i29 N Rally2 its first victory in a CPR race in Portugal.

In an inappropriate race for cardiac patients, Ricardo Teodósio managed to recover from a difficult morning in which he lost a lot of time and thus become two-time national rally champion. In an afternoon of maximum attack, Teodósio recovered a lot of time from Miguel Correia, from whom he stole second place in the last special of the day, which he won, winning three points on the Power Stage, which guaranteed him the national title. Bruno Magalhães / Carlos Magalhães (Hyundai I20 Rally 2) ended the year on a high and won the rally, the first victory of the Hyundai I20 Rally2 on national soil.

Few would bet on the title of Ricardo Teodósio/José Teixeira (Skoda Fabia R5 EVO) after what happened during the morning. A problem in the gearbox lever, added to a less successful setting, made Teodósio waste a lot of time, which complicated a task that seemed simple, after Armindo Araújo withdrew in the first special. But in the afternoon he smiled at Teodósio, who got the necessary points to celebrate the title.

Ricardo Teodósio won the PEC 8 (Felgueira 2 PowerStage – 18.00Km), ahead of Pedro Meireles/Pedro Alves (Volkswagen Polo R5) and Miguel Correia/Mário Castro (Skoda Fabia R5 EVO) the first three in this Power Stage. Bruno Magalhães was fourth and celebrated a tasty overall triumph.

In the overall results of the race, Magalhães will be joined on the podium by Teodósio and Correia, with Pedro Meireles out of the top3.

the rally movie

Armindo Araújo / Luís Ramalho (Skoda Fabia R5 EVO) didn’t even heat up and in the first kilometer of the race they went off the track, caused by a puncture, which threw the Skoda into a tree, with the damage being too severe for the candidates for the title continued. Armindo was thus depending on what Ricardo Teodósio did and for the Algarve, “it was enough” to do second and score three points on the Power Stage.

With PEC1 cancelled, the CPR caravan advanced to PEC 2, which ended up smiling at José Pedro Fontes / Inês Ponte (Citroen C3 R5), who thus started the last race of the year in the best possible way. But at PEC3, Fontes also gave up with electrical problems in his C3, and Bruno Magalhães assumed the leading role, since Teodósio continued to waste time. Miguel Correia was also installed in the front places while Pedro Meireles was entertained with the fight for the top3, and Manuel Castro / Ricardo Cunha (Skoda Fabia R5) was fighting with Paulo Neto / Vitor Hugo Skoda Fabia R5) for a place in the top5. The morning was busy and at PEC4 we were delayed due to an incident with Car 0. It was at PEC4 that we saw the first glimpse of Teodósio’s response, with Miguel Correia each time comfortably seated in the second and Bruno Magalhães arriving at lunchtime with a good margin (19 sec) to manage in the afternoon.

The first special of the afternoon gave us the first victory of the day in specials for Teodósio, a sign that the Algarve driver would try everything to reach the title, repeating the feat of 2019. But the reality was less colorful and analyzed the times, Teodósio had to recover close to 22 seconds in three specials, to reach the second place of Correia, who warned that he would not make life easier for his teammate and that there would be no superior orders to let Teodósio pass.

In PEC 6, Magalhães tried to respond to Teodósio and, apparently, put an end to the dispute for victory. Magalhães won the special and Teodósio regained ground, but a penalty (he was late in a morning control) made life for the Algarve driver very difficult and with only two specials to go, second place seemed like a mirage. However, Miguel Correia lost a lot of time in this special and now had to defend against Pedro Meireles, who was closer to second place. The fight between Paulo Neto and Manuel Castro ended, with Neto staying out of the race and handing fifth place to Castro, who only had to manage the pace, given that Daniel Nunes was far away (opening the sections did not make life easier for the pilot of the Ford Fiesta Rally3). Carlos Fernandes was on his way to triumph and the title in the two driving wheels and was controlling the pace, keeping the advantage for Ernesto Cunha.

If this was going to be a rally full of twists and turns, PEC7 gave us even more surprises. Ricardo Teodósio recovered even more time and won the penultimate special of the day. Bruno Magalhães was already managing and even so Miguel Correia gained time, who had an afternoon to forget, wasting a lot of time, which benefited Teodósio, who entered the last special of the day knowing that he had to recover nine seconds from Correia and be second (Power Stage). Magalhães, with 38 seconds ahead, had the victory in his pocket and Teodósio had to face the Power Stage knowing he had to gain time, but also knowing that Magalhães would not be interested in risking too much and that Correia’s pace was not ideal at this stage . PEC 7 also gave us another withdrawal in the fight for the top 5 and this time it was Manuel Castro to be left out, a special after his direct opponent had given up on the fight. It was Daniel Nunes who took the 6th place, behind Pedro Meireles and Diogo Salvi / Hugo Magalhães (Skoda Fabia R5), who was approaching the top 5 with the withdrawals of the main players. Gil Antunes was still behind Nunes and Carlos Fernandes was already able to make the party because Ernesto Cunha gave up and the title of the two driving wheels was thus handed over.

We arrived at the last special of the year and we were all clinging to live timing to understand the outcome of this exciting CPR 2021. Pedro Meireles had a good time, but Miguel Correia was behind the Polo R5 driver and Bruno Magalhães didn’t want to risk anything and it had been a while far from what he had done on the first pass, which was understood, as the victory would be the best prize for the driver and for the team. Teodósio’s time was missing, who arrived shortly after and placed #24 at the top of the table, with more than 15 seconds ahead of Correia. The national champion of 2021 was thus found. Teodósio finished in second place in the Rally of Mortágua, won the Power Stage and conquered the necessary points to make the party. Bruno Magalhães was the big winner of the rally, in a very well managed race, attacking at the right moments and controlling in the final part, in another race that the new machine has potential. Teodósio was second and Miguel Correia, despite a less successful afternoon, ended the year on the podium, a well-deserved prize for a rider who showed excellent progress throughout the year. Pedro Meireles took fourth place, in a good race, to end a less positive year, with some absences. Despite this, Meireles showed that he has progress to be able to reach the best places.

Daniel Nunes / Nuno Mota Ribeiro (Ford Fiesta Rally 3) finished fifth, a good end to the season for a team that is betting on a Rally 3 that showed potential throughout the year and that could be a solution for national rallies, Diogo Salvi finished sixth, in a discreet but always growing race, Carlos Fernandes / Valter Cardoso (Peugeot 208 Rally 4) were seventh and celebrated the title on the two-wheel drive, a deserved prize after a good season.

Ricardo Filipe / Fernando Almeida (Ford Fiesta R5) were eighth, ahead of Fernando Teotónio / Luís Morgadinho (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX), the best in RC2N and Gil Antunes / Diogo Correia (Dacia Sandero R4) closed the top 10 overall.

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