Delphine Batho appointed spokesperson for Yannick Jadot

The deputy of Deux-Sèvres Delphine Batho, former rival during the primary of the ecologists, was appointed Sunday, December 5, spokesperson for the campaign of the candidate Europe Ecology-The Greens (EELV) for the presidential election Yannick Jadot, announced its director campaign Mounir Satouri.

She replaces the previous spokesperson, Matthieu Orphelin, a close friend of the former minister Nicolas Hulot accused of rape and sexual assault, who had been put “Withdrawing from its responsibilities” November 27.

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The former minister of ecology under François Hollande “Coordinate the spokesperson team”, said Mr. Satouri, alongside Mélissa Camara, city councilor in Lille, Hubert Julien-Laferrière, deputy of the 2e Rhone constituency, Benjamin Lucas, Hauts-de-France regional councilor, Sabrina Sebaihi, deputy mayor of Ivry-sur-Seine, Marine Tondelier, Hauts-de-France regional councilor, and Mélanie Vogel, senator representing the French from abroad.

Matthieu Orphelin considers himself “dirty”

Arriving in third position of the first round with 22.32% of the vote, the deputy Delphine Batho, supporter of the “Decrease”, had failed to qualify, just like the mayor of Grenoble Eric Piolle (22.29%) and the entrepreneur Jean-Marc Governatori (2.35%).

The withdrawal of Mr. Orphelin should, according to the leaders of EELV, allow the ex-spokesperson to conduct his communication freely, and prevent Yannick Jadot’s campaign from being disrupted.

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But this decision had caused an internal shift of arms, between the management of EELV and Matthieu Orphelin, who said to himself «Sali» and had put this setting aside on the account of strategic differences with the candidate.

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