Doctor uses iPhone 13 Pro camera to take macro images of patient’s eyes

It is a new line of use of a feature that has just arrived in Apple products. An American doctor from San Diego has found that macro mode on Apple’s new iPhone 13 Pro models can be useful in monitoring the treatment of eye diseases.

It is curious how this type of functionality can be used beyond the main objective, but it is a way to increase the range of opportunities. This doctor was able to “see farther and closer”.

Macro-mode photos from smartphones can be useful in ophthalmology

Apple has only just made macro-mode image capture available. The new iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max take advantage of the Ultra wide-angle camera to focus from a distance of just 2 centimeters. The result effectively are very interesting images of details that, with the naked eye, we don't notice.

In a LinkedIn post on Wednesday, Dr. Tommy Korn, an ophthalmologist and specialist in digital healthcare innovation at Sharp Healthcare in San Diego, said he is using an iPhone 13 Pro Max to take macro images of a patient's eyes. patient.

Korn added that he was "impressed" by the camera's performance. The ophthalmologist added that the iPhone 13 Pro Max could "innovate patient vision care and telemedicine," and said he is eager to see where the technology goes.

The doctor also shared some images of the iPhone 13 Pro Max in use while treating one of his patients who is in the process of recovering from an abrasion in a corneal transplant. The iPhone was used to take images to monitor the patient's recovery.

Eye Disease: Doctors May Reuse iPhone 13 Pro Macro Mode

This "novelty" led other professional colleagues to give their opinion. Optometrist Dr. Jeffrey Lewis also said the iPhone 13 Pro Max camera could be "another way to impress, manage and cultivate long-term relationships with our patients."

Doctor Tommy Korn actually discovered a new approach to macro mode and even played with the situation.

PS: this 'Camera Pro' also includes a phone application!"

On iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, you can take photos and record macro videos with the ultra wide-angle camera.

To take a photo or record a macro video, open the Camera application, move closer to the subject of the photo (up to 2 cm away) and the camera will automatically remain in focus.

In addition to the Apple Watch's various health and wellness applications, the iPhone 13 Pro may also have another use in monitoring patients' eye health.

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