Elton’s Raab joke causes a stir in “Schlag den Star” – “Don’t keep calling”

Moderator Elton answered the red phone several times for “Schlag den Star”.Image: Screenshot / ProSieben

“Schlag den Star” started with a “Ladys Night” in 2022: The “red.” Presenter Viviane Geppert had to face the “Let’s Dance” second and “GZSZ” actress Valentina Pahde. Again, both of them had to show in a maximum of 15 games whether they could beat their opponents. There was a prize of 100,000 euros. Moderator Elton also welcomed the star companions right at the beginning of the show, in the case of Viviane her father Thomas, Valentina received emotional support from her twin sister Cheyenne.

For a short time, however, the two candidates moved into the background during the course of the show. The reason for this was a phone ringing several times and a joke from Elton that kept the audience in suspense.

Viviane and Valentina started the show with two relaxed games

The first two games started off relatively comfortably: In the “standing vault” both should jump over a bar that was set higher and higher. In the end, Valentina won with the better technique and also managed to jump 70 centimeters without a run-up in contrast to Viviane.

The second game was called “question duel”, the two opponents were each allowed to choose one of six questions for the other with the aim that the answerer does not know the answer. Viviane just prevailed, but in the game neither of them necessarily covered each other with fame, for example when they had to guess which party Hans-Georg Maaßen belongs to or which club Robin Gosens plays in. It even became embarrassing for a short time when the command form of verbs was asked. Viviane Geppert simply: “Do!” Followed by one:

“I didn’t understand the question at all.”

In the key question, Valentina wrongly assigned the street artist Banksy as the most expensive German artist. But what was meant was Gerhard Richter, so two points went to Viviane in the end. The two only just warmed up, however, in the course of the program it should not continue on this level of knowledge.

Elton with a surprising reality show confession

Games three and four went outside and it got sporty again, so the two stars were fully in their element again. First of all, an obstacle parkour on inline skates had to be mastered, Valentina won by a huge margin.

Then we went to a high ropes course. When Viviane and Valentina were tied to the safety ropes, however, moderator Elton in particular sparked undreamt-of interests. He would never dare to go to a high ropes course, he admitted, which is why he would never take part in “The Stars’ Summer House”, because there are always games like this there. But the ProSieben face would love to be part of an RTL show:

“I want to go to the jungle camp! But if I do, then in the right one, not somehow Scotland or South Africa.”

Because of the corona pandemic, the 2022 jungle camp will actually take place in Australia, in South Africa. The first candidates are already known, but Elton will probably not be discovered at this year’s camp fire despite his express request. Because he pushed: “But I am not allowed either, my mother and my management and my family have something against that.” Commentator Ron Ringguth was relieved: “I am very grateful to these people.”

Valentina Pahde delivered in high wire parkour.

Valentina Pahde delivered in high wire parkour.Image: Screenshot / ProSieben

However, the candidates received little of this through the safety briefing. The audience felt particularly disturbed by their runny noses, the noses apparently ran through the cold. Fortunately, Valentina made short work again and pulled Viviane completely off the ropes at a height of seven meters. Then we went back to the warm studio.

A ringing notary telephone causes a stir in the “Schlag den Star” studio

In game five it was all about sitting football. Valentina also won this challenge with ease, but a completely different incident caused the spectators to prick up their ears. There has always been a red telephone on the desk in the studio. When the doorbell rings, the notary usually answers with an objection. Shortly before the game started, the doorbell rang suddenly: “Is that the notary, have I already done something wrong?”Elton wondered, answered it and found that nobody was on the other end of the line. A short time later the doorbell rang again, Elton used the moment to allude to the show’s inventor Stefan Raab:

“Stefan stop it, don’t call here all the time, eat your bag of chips. Raab ey, he has to interfere everywhere!”

Elton allowed himself a Raab joke that made waves.

Elton allowed himself a Raab joke that made waves.Image: Screenshot / ProSieben

That was most likely just a joke, but many Twitter users immediately hoped that Raab would suddenly be able to show himself after several years of strict camera abstinence. Others thought it was a prank on “Are you kidding?” Others suspected that the number might have been leaked and that a viewer would have fun calling all the time. The moderator then let the doorbell ring.

The impeller brought the opponents to their limits

In game six, the “GZSZ” actress demonstrated a photographic memory and in no time found a missing pair in a memory game in the game “Pärchen sucht”. The two of them had no idea which exhausting classic game was just around the corner, because game seven was called “Das Laufrad”.

“A favorite game of our editorial team,” teased Elton and that certainly did not apply to the candidates. The showmaster was asked to do a lap in the wheel, but he had a good excuse: “For me there is no helmet or wrist protector and the insurance would not pay for it.”

The balance bike made Valentina Pahde desperate.

The balance bike made Valentina Pahde desperate.Image: Screenshot / ProSieben

The technique could have been better of both, they ran very stooped and thus garnished with numerous somersaults in the impeller. “That moment, when you ask yourself, what did I get myself into here?”, Valentina grumbled after one round and Viviane actually managed 14 turns at once and won the game. Afterwards both were not only out of breath, they also got sick from the unpopular play equipment. Afterwards, Valentina and Viviane practically begged for a commercial break and got it.

March through with “embarrassing or cashing”

After a round of “Spitz, watch out!”, Which Viviane was able to win, the sport continued again, game nine was called “Völkerball” – and in the opinion of the audience that should take a long time. Both opponents only dodged the balls instead of catching them and making the game faster and more exciting. Over time, Viviane’s attention waned, especially, and Valentina continued to build her points lead.

After so many sports challenges, knowledge should finally be in the foreground again in game ten, It was the turn of “embarrassing or cashing”, whereby Viviane, as the presenter of a celebrity magazine, was able to score points on many questions relating to VIP knowledge. She knew immediately who actress Ruby O. Fee supposedly married, Matthias Schweighöfer of course. But the 30-year-old also knew who Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s predecessor was, namely Joachim Gauck.

Viviane Geppert (right) sat down "Embarrassing or cashing in" through.

Viviane Geppert (right) prevailed in “Embarrassing or Cashing”.Image: Screenshot / Prosieben

Meanwhile, Valentina had to struggle with the rules of the game. The candidates always have five seconds to answer after the buzzer, which is made audible by a toot. “When you have the five seconds to answer, the noise is so distracting”, she realized stressed, but it didn’t help, Viviane clearly won this game.

Many sports games required everyone’s strength

The game continued actively: In game eleven “Handstand Switches” Viviane and Valentina had to operate light switches with their feet using a handstand. The latter won again, but complained again beforehand:

“You play one sports game after the other, it’s so exhausting!”

Viviane’s conclusion after the lost game: “I’d rather not say that I once did ballet. That was the most ungraciless thing ever.”

Then the notorious “drift rollers” went on a parkour tour through the studio. This time it was close, both opponents were about equally good, luck was on Viviane’s side, and there was a tie of 39:39. There shouldn’t be many games now, but some with very high points.

At game 13 with the name “Who knows more?” it was again briefly political. Among other things, the current federal cabinet should be named alternately. Viviane and Valentina had ten politicians. The situation was somewhat different for the parties that got the most second votes in the 2021 federal election. The actress hardly dared to say “AfD”, but she was right. “Unfortunately,” Elton remarked.

The German soccer champions since 1949 were also viciously asked, but the two only came up with three clubs, Viviane also won here and thus had a match point game with game 14. That was called “Pit-Pat” and it was a mixture of mini golf and billiards.

Nerve-racking finale: “I hate this game”

A steady hand had to be demonstrated, which the two no longer had after all the action-packed games. While Valentina failed on the first lane, she honestly admitted: “I hate this game.” Actually not a good omen for the victory in the show, but she was really clever again on the second track. So it was still exciting.

Viviane could not score in the further course of the game without having to start again on the last lane, Valentina was able to fend off her opponent’s match point, so it went to the extreme in the show, up to game 15.

Viviane had the nose and feet in front in the hurdles.

Viviane had the nose and feet in front in the hurdles.Image: Screenshot / Prosieben

In the end, that was called “hurdles” and it was primarily about skill. A number of hurdles were set up at a short distance from one another in the studio. Both candidates decided to complete the hurdles without shoes. However, the two demanded: “No close-ups of the feet!”, knowing that there might be enough fetishists in front of the screens. Commentator Ron Ringguth started again with a nasty line:

“Oh, then the couple of viewers from Sport1 will come over.”

Viviane and Valentina were unimpressed by the allusion to the so-called “sexy sports clips”. Overall, however, they made it incredibly exciting, because both mastered the task or failed at the same time by tearing at least one rod.

After a seemingly endless game of tremors, Viviane finally managed to win the 100,000 euros. The judgment of some users about the show was nevertheless devastating and Ron and Elton played a decisive role in this, who kept coming around the corner with women’s jokes. Right from the start, both men agreed by showing that they were excited to see what the viewers might find wrong with them after this show. The proverbs passed the women largely without a trace.