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Status: 23.10.2021 8:25 a.m.

The new cruise ship “AIDAcosma” set off for the North Sea from the Meyer shipyard in Papenburg during the night. The start had previously been postponed due to the storm.

The ship was pulled into the Ems through the dock lock early in the morning. Then it went on the approximately 40-kilometer journey. As always with these spectacular overpasses, the “AIDAcosma” is also being towed backwards because it can be maneuvered more easily. In the afternoon the ship is supposed to pass the Ems barrier near Gandersum and reach Emden. The first destination is Eemshaven in the Netherlands.

The shipyard actually wanted to bring the new cruise ship to the North Sea on Friday night. Given the In stormy weather, the plan was eventually changed. The postponement was decided in consultation with all parties involved, said a spokesman for the shipyard.

Tall cruise ship, narrow Ems

As early as Wednesday, when the storm was announced, the Waterways and Shipping Office assumed that the original schedule would be postponed due to the weather. In the case of a flyover with gusts of wind, there would have been the risk that the wind would have carried the ship away from its route across the Ems, which had been planned to the nearest centimeter. On the one hand, the “AIDAcosma” is more than 300 meters long and 20 decks high and offers the storm a lot of attack surface. On the other hand, the Ems is relatively narrow, so that there is not much space left to counteract.

Cruise crisis: job losses

The pandemic has hit the cruise industry. New ships are hardly needed, the Meyer Werft wants to save 1.2 billion euros according to its own information. One thing is already certain: 450 of the 3,900 jobs are to be cut at Meyer Werft and its subsidiaries.


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New cruise ships are rarely ordered. More than 400 employees will soon be made redundant. (10/21/2021) 1 min

Job cuts at the expense of the permanent workforce?

The works council chairman Nico Bloem and the union IG Metall fear that the positions in the permanent workforce will be lost. Many employees are already employed by subcontractors at Meyer Werft. This is also confirmed by Daniela Reim from the advice center for mobile workers in Oldenburg.

Shipyard must disclose third-party contracts

For a long time, the chairmen of the works council and the trade unions have therefore been demanding lists that provide information about employment relationships. They were now successful with that. The labor court in Lingen has decided that the shipyard must present the contracts with the external companies. In addition, the company must provide precise information about how many contract workers are employed, how long their assignment lasts and in which areas they are active. The company management has not yet commented on this.

additional Information

A family of four goes for a walk on the mudflat in stormy weather on the beach. © dpa photo: Mohssen Assanimoghaddam

Today meteorologists expect gusts of wind at high altitudes. Tomorrow the storm will also hit Lower Saxony’s coast and islands. (20.10.2021) more

The ship "AIDAcosma" leaves the construction dock of the Meyer shipyard in Papenburg. © picture alliance / dpa / Meyer Werft

The 337 meter long cruise ship is now at the equipment pier in the shipyard port. Further expansion will follow there. (7/10/2021) more

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