Eric Piolle, candidate for the EELV primary, wants to embody a new era of political ecology

Saturday July 3, Eric Piolle gathered his support for a meeting that did not say his name at the Cité Fertile, in Pantin, in the Parisian suburbs. Quite a symbol: located in 93, the site-project embodies the popular ecology which the candidate intends to claim. Since 2018, volunteers have been planting trees, plants, flowers and maintaining an organic vegetable garden in the middle of a QPV (priority district for city policy).

In addition to the hundred supporters, ranging from young activists to environmental figures, some had made the trip, such as the former 2012 presidential candidate Eva Joly, Senator Esther Benbassa, the head of the regional list Fabienne Grébert and Charles Fournier, MEP David Cormand and spokesperson for Europe Ecologie-Les Verts (EELV), Alain Coulombel.

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The mayor of Grenoble welcomed the support of members of the party leadership (“I know how difficult it is”), and ensured that “The environmentalist pole will emerge united from this primary”, as if to reassure those who fear an EELV tear in the coming months. Throughout his speech, he never ceased to insist on the collective dimension of his adventure, in opposition to an Emmanuel Macron of whom he recalled one of the nicknames, « Jupiter » : “I don’t believe in providential men and women. “

Ecology “in dynamics”

Eric Piolle wants to embody a new era of political ecology. This is one of its main arguments: it would be the only one capable of allowing “Move from a culture of counter-power to a culture of power” and thus finally put the Greens on an equal footing with the traditional parties. The very ones he did not fail to flay, drawing lessons from the regions in contrast to the words of Olivier Faure, Monday, June 28, who evoked a “Green ceiling”. “Traditional parties are exhausting democracy”, thus asserted the candidate, who preferred to retain that ecology was the only political force “In dynamics”.

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In a speech mixing a large number of themes, Mr. Piolle claimed “The ally of today’s struggles”, namely feminism, the climate, anti-racism and the social and democratic struggle, embodied according to him by the “yellow vests”, of which he claimed, promising in particular to include the RIC (citizens’ initiative referendum) in its constitutional reform from May 2022. The candidate, who “ assume to be educated and re-educated, built and rebuilt ”, in the words of the activist movements of recent years, appears eyeing the field of predilection of Sandrine Rousseau, candidate like him for the ecological primary and supported by the feminist current.

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