Eric Zemmour is not Donald Trump

To analyse. A French Trump? The astonishment produced both by the omnipresence of Eric Zemmour and the so far flattering but still virtual measures of voting intentions, six months before the first round of the presidential election, recall the sudden emergence in the United States. United from one who was still a businessman in the summer of 2015.

Other similarities are added to it. Like Donald Trump, the far-right polemicist essentially reduces his message to the stigmatization of “others”, scapegoats responsible, according to him, for all the ills of his country, migrants and Muslims. France has not said its last word, the title of his latest program work echoes the slogan « Make America great again ». Like him, he uses the spring of nostalgia for a golden age which is moreover difficult to define, and that of the necessary recourse to a providential man. ” I am the only one “ capable of avoiding an American decline, swore the first.

Like the one that would become the 45e President of the United States, Eric Zemmour plays on his ability to hysterize a public debate mainly punctuated by continuous news channels less interested in facts than opinions.

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He then and above all benefits from the state of daze in which those who are directly threatened by his candidacy are plunged. Fractured during the 2016 primaries into a multitude of candidates, the Grand Old Party had shown itself unable to stand in the way of those who trumpeted their intention to fundamentally change their ideas and values. Quickly overwhelmed, the Republican executives then made the choice to ride the tiger in the hope of normalization in contact with power, with the success that we know, as recalled by the assault on the Capitol, the January 6, delivered by loyalists of the defeated president at the polls.

Zemmour indeed wants to bring the right and the far right together in a new openly reactionary and anti-European nationalist front.

Today, the same divisions prevail within the Republicans party including Eric Zemmour, thurifer of Philippe Pétain while presenting himself as an heir of Gaullism, yet aims for obliteration. In fact, he wants to bring together, against the intransigence of Jacques Chirac, the right and the extreme right in a new openly reactionary and anti-European nationalist front. At the same time, the former president and candidate of the National Rally, Marine Le Pen, appears weakened by her strategy of demonization and her choice to give up a purely tribunician function in favor of the ambition of the exercise of power.

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