Estrosi calls on the right to fight Zemmour “with all its might”, Larcher accuses the polemicist of “hysterizing the debate”

Eric “Zemmour is not de Gaulle, it is hardly his erasure” : the mayor ex-Les Républicains (LR) of Nice Christian Estrosi calls the right, in a forum at the Sunday newspaper (JDD) from October 24, to “Fight with all your might” the far-right polemicist.

Faced with the media emergence of “This seasonally corrected version of the far right”, Mr. Estrosi believes that “It would have been on the right, which he intends to siphon off the voters, to lead the response”. Most “Unfortunately she deserted this fight”, he regrets.

“When I hear Eric Zemmour claiming [de De Gaulle] and assert that he is rebuilding the RPR, I’m no longer laughing. It is the indignation that overwhelms me “, writes the city councilor of Nice. “Eric Zemmour claims that Pétain saved the Jews of France. Shame on him ”, continues Mr. Estrosi. Still not officially declared a candidate, the polemicist is given neck-to-neck polls with Marine Le Pen to contest the second round.

“Eric Zemmour pleads for the confusion of the rights and some, within my former political family, come to terms with this madness. There is no continuum between the republican right and the extreme right, there is an irreversible difference in nature ”, says the founder of the La France audacieuse movement. “He is the supporter of a racialized nationality, rejecting from the national community anyone who does not have sufficiently white skin. The right, if it had even a little courage, could and should have recalled the attachment of the leaders of the RPR then of the UMP to the right of the soil ”, argue M. Estrosi.

“Gaullists, we must not simply assert that we have nothing to do with him, nor with his anathemas, it is too little, judge the one who left LR last May, and who supports Emmanuel Macron. We must fight them with all our might, in the name of the past, in the name of the future. “

For Larcher, Zemmour is not racist

Speaking also in the columns of the JDD, President LR of the Senate Gérard Larcher believes that Eric Zemmour is not racist but that he “Hysterizes the debate”.

Asked whether Eric Zemmour was racist, Mr. Larcher replied: “No, but I don’t like his way of rewriting history. He hysterizes the debate. It divides, it fractures, whereas it is necessary to unite ”. According to the senator, “He spoils the nation while he claims to rehabilitate it”, or “France, it can’t be: hate each other”.

However, Mr. Larcher considers that Mr. Zemmour “Addresses real questions”, for example, “Our capacities for integration and assimilation are saturated”. The parliamentarian also recognizes that he is “An electoral phenomenon”. “It is a mirror that millions of French people hold out to us, who reproach us for our renouncements, especially on the issue of migration, insecurity and identity”, he explains. To his eyes, “There would be neither Le Pen phenomenon nor Zemmour phenomenon if we had better dealt with these questions”.

Gérard Larcher pays tribute to the last president of the classic right to date: “When Nicolas Sarkozy wanted to open the debate on national identity, we wondered, me first. But he was right. “

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