European Cup: “Let’s kill us, kill us quickly!” Stade Toulousain reassembled before facing Wasps

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Let go of the beasts… Frustrated by the postponements and changes to the rules, the people of Toulouse can’t wait to play!

Weekly infusions of frustration. This is what Toulouse have been fed for more than a month, during which time they only played one of the four matches that were on their program. More or less strict health rules depending on the country, cases of Covid in the workforce, a return from Clermont with the feeling of having wasted a great opportunity to reconnect with success abroad and now a new European deal with matches considered void when they were not played: nothing has been spared the “Rouge et Noir” lately.

“We will have to get the oxygen out”

“There are times when you feel you are on the right side and others on the wrong side, summarizes Ugo Mola. At the moment, the rebounds are not falling on the right side. We are not going to complain too much because we we had our share of good rebounds but we will above all work and provoke all that to have them very soon. Even if it means killing us, let them kill us quickly because we will be there at the end anyway.

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A promise that came to conclude Thursday’s press conference which says a lot about the current state of mind of the manager, reassembled like a cuckoo clock and who had until then sent a few messages. Selected pieces: “The state of motivation of the group is intact, we do not need adversity or politico-regulatory meanders to motivate us.” “The good news is that with two more postponements we will qualify.” “What bothers me about the teams likely to play this competition is that not everyone has the same appetite. The real question is to ask how many teams are really likely to be able to really play and how many teams actually want to play it.” “The shortest playing time in the last three Wasps games is around 38 minutes and it has risen to almost 42 minutes. To give an idea, the famous Top 14, the most beautiful championship in the world, is at 32 minutes. So as much to tell you that we will have to get the oxygen out for the remaining 10 minutes.

Pay attention to the rhythm

In short, Ernest-Wallon’s cage is starting to get tight and it’s high time to let go of the big cats! And if we trust the statistics given by Ugo Mola, there is a good chance that they will find, this Saturday in Coventry, one of the largest playgrounds even if the fear that it is too big for them necessarily exists. A legitimate question when finding the Wasps, the first scorers of Leicester, an ogre from the start of the season who until last weekend had only compiled successes (15), even if the players, some more frustrated than the others, ensure that the training sessions have been adapted to compensate for the almost total absence of competition. “These matches make us touch rhythms and intensities that we are not used to in the Top 14 […] We expect a big challenge related to the physical intensity and in particular the movement of the men and the ball”, continues Mola.

With a major challenge now: to ensure that the impact of the draw endorsed by the EPCR for the first leg is limited as much as possible and to finish as high as possible in order to avoid a tough course from the eighth of a guided competition. by money and whose variable-geometry rules have lost all meaning. “We all know very well that it’s already a decisive match. To say that it’s knockout is difficult, but in our minds, we prepare it as such.” So much the better since the Toulousains have won the last six they have played…

The composition of the teams