Fauci warns that the US is going “in the wrong direction” with regard to covid-19 and urges people to get vaccinated | Univision Health News

In an interview for CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ show, Fauci responded to space host Jake Tapper, who asked him if he believed the worst-case scenario model was possible, returning to 4,000 daily deaths. because of the virus.

Fauci responded that it may not return to those levels, but it does return to an intermediate figure, and warned that the outlook is especially worrying for people who have not been vaccinated. “It may not be the worst case scenario, but it is not going to be good,” he said.

“We are going in the wrong direction, if you look at the inflection point of the curve of new cases, as you said in the preamble of the interview, it is among the unvaccinated. And since we have 50% of the country that is not fully vaccinated, that it’s a problem, “added Fauci.

The Casa Banca advisor explained that most of those deaths predicted by the model referred to by the presenter could occur among the unvaccinated.

“It’s really a pandemic among the unvaccinated, so this is predominantly a problem among the unvaccinated, which is why we are out there practically begging the unvaccinated to go out and get vaccinated,” he insisted. expert.

Fauci’s warnings come amid a new spike in infections across the country: 80% of them due to the Delta variant.

“We know that we have many many vulnerable people in this country who are not vaccinated and that is the reason why, as I have said many times, we have the tools to change that and make that model wrong,” Fauci added.

Last week, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, warned that the pandemic in the United States is becoming one of “unvaccinated people.”, since 99% of those who have died from covid-19 in the country in recent weeks had not received that protection.

“The most disheartening thing is that most these deaths could be prevented with a simple vaccine, which is safe and available“said Walenksy, reflecting the frustration of the US authorities over the refusal to immunize a sector of the population.

The return to masks?

According to a CNN report, which cites sources familiar with the conversations, the Joe Biden administration is reviewing the mask guidelines and the CDC is reconsidering its position on having lifted the orders to use this protection.

In his interview this Sunday with that chain, Fauci confirmed that that revision of the mask guide is under “active consideration” and that he himself is part of that debate.

The expert made reference to some local laws that have once again asked for masks in the face of the rise in infections, such as in Los Angeles, and assured that these measures are not incompatible with the CDC guide, which places a large part of the responsibility on governments. local.

“We are seeing that in Los Angeles. We are seeing that in Chicago. We are seeing that in New Orleans,” Fauci said of these recent provisions to resume the mandatory use of masks, even for vaccinated people, if you are indoors.