FC Köln: Baumgart wants to score against Bayern Munich

FC coach Steffen Baumgart congratulates Dejan Ljubicic on his strong performance against Hertha on August 15, 2021.

Steffen Baumgart kisses 1. FC Köln from his corona lethargy. After the win against Hertha BSC there was already an ovation. Baumgart knows that the task is difficult, but also wants to score against Bayern Munich.

Cologne. “Of course I heard the calls. I am not deaf. I also hear the other things, ”said Steffen Baumgart (49) about the ovation shortly before the end of the game when they won the start over Bundesliga competitor Hertha BSC.

“The coach has an idea,” praised captain Jonas Hector. “But we can implement them even better.”

Steffen Baumgart: “Fan calls come a little early”

Baumgart enjoyed the win against the club from his adopted home country, he slept well too, but the coach of 1. FC Köln didn’t want to hang the fans’ calls so high.

“The calls are a little early. But it’s not a bad thing, so it’s not a bad thing. The only thing I can say: we and I have to keep working on this. First of all, we’re happy to have three points. You don’t know anything after a game. It’s nice that not only was there the playfulness, but also that the boys’ mentality was right. That is what we want to see and what I asked for. “

You can start working on this next Sunday, August 22nd (5.30 p.m., live on DAZN), but it will be very difficult. Because 1. FC Köln will meet none other than series champions FC Bayern Munich.

Bayern started with a draw at Borussia Mönchengladbach before the new coach Julian Nagelsmann took on long-term rivals Borussia Dortmund in the Supercup on Tuesday, August 17th.

FC coach Steffen Baumgart: “We also have pressure against Bayern”

After beating Hertha, Steffen Baumgart could take a relaxed approach to the game, but that’s not his thing.

“Why shouldn’t we have any pressure? I can not do anything with that. The opponent is Bayern and we want to get three points. It is difficult against any other opponent as well. If we don’t go there to score points, then we can stay here right away. We can have a good game, that’s the first. A development in performance, that would be the second. And if there is a good result, then we are all more and more happy. “

Is he hoping for new information from the Supercup? “First of all, I’m hoping for a good game. We meet the best team in Germany. I know that too. But of course we will prepare meticulously, ”says Baumgart.