Ferracci is facing PSG’s Ultras, Lyon has identified some of its hooligans

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If everyone falls, rightly, on Jean-Michel Aulas after his communication of the incidents of OL – OM and Paris FC – OL, Pierre Ferracci, the Parisian president, has not given his share to the dog in the ridiculous since yesterday. Eager to clear customs by all means the laxity of his security following the excesses that occurred Friday evening in Charlety, the leader attacked exclusively the Lyonnais … even if it meant denying the presence, however obvious, of Ultras from PSG in his platform. A presence confirmed by Le Parisien who even spoke this morning of certain members of the CUP “Porte 411” who had come to accompany the former independents of the Auteuil turn.

After denying the presence of the Parisian Ultras, Ferracci changes his tone

Faced with proof of the presence of the latter, Pierre Ferracci changed his speech in the Parisian … but this time attacked the authorities: “I am told that the RG (General Information) were aware that PSG ultras risked coming to hang out. Paris FC was not informed. When we held the security meeting, there were no comments from the préfecture. So it is also the responsibility of the RG and the public authorities not to have anticipated all of this ”. On the other hand, we still share his speech on one point: “Even if there were some PSG ultras, that did not justify spraying the entire public with smoke.” He also suggests stronger measures than those taken by OL, which banned its supporters from traveling: “You just have to see the brilliant press release that Jean-Michel Aulas has released. He forbids his ultras from traveling. But why doesn’t he ban them from the Stade des Lumières? It totally devalues ​​his press release ”.

Lyon is working on identification

Meanwhile, on the side of OL, we deserted the media scene to act. As reported by L’Equipe, with the help of the videos collected, security images but also photo agency images, OL has already identified several of its hooligans present in Charlety. The man we see in some images indulging in some racist insults and imitating a monkey is one of the individuals identified. “The club intends to write them off” for life “even if, to take such measures, it will have to be helped by the law”.

to summarize

Following (and not ending) the Charlety incidents: Pierre Ferracci, the president of Paris FC, revises his media version. Meanwhile, the OL is working to identify its faulty supporters and has already acknowledged some of them …