FFP2 masks protect no better than surgical masks because … – BZ Berlin

Millions of German citizens torment themselves with FFP2 masks in the office, on buses and trains, when meeting friends – these masks do not provide any better protection against corona due to often incorrect use.

In a letter to the Ministry of Health, the head of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Prof. Lothar Wieler, said: FFP2 masks offer many citizens no more protection than surgical masks!

“According to current professional assessments, the wearing of FFP2 masks by laypeople (e.g. when shopping, in public transport) has no greater effect in containing the COVID-19 pandemic than wearing medical mouth and nose protection (” OP -Mask “)“, writes Wieler on June 10th.

His reasoning: The masks are “often not worn properly and incorrectly and thus lose the additional protective effect sought in the professional field”.

And: “If the FFP2 mask is used for breathing through a leak, this additional protective effect is largely lost.”

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At the beginning of the year, RKI boss Wieler had doubted whether FFP2 masks offer more protection.

But Chancellor Angela Merkel (66, CDU) and the Prime Minister ignored the concerns. Instead, they decided to make an obligation to wear FFP2 masks almost everywhere. When shopping, on buses and trains, etc. The result: Many people, especially the elderly, suffered as a result, among other things. shortness of breath.

FDP health expert Wieland Schinnenburg (62) on BILD: “For months, the Chancellor has tended to bite into something – without any objective reason. From now on, the following must apply: If masks are required, then surgical masks are completely sufficient. “