Twin brother was in serious condition.

Mother and son died and a brother suffered serious burns following a fire that occurred today in the Gemunde area, in Castêlo da Maia. The Judiciary Police is investigating the causes, according to the Lusa agency, which cites a source from the firefighters.


The warning for the fire, in a building on the ground floor and first floor of Rua Frederico Ulrich, was given around 5:10 am by a neighbor.

When the means of assistance arrived at the scene, they found one of the people already dead and a second in cardiorespiratory arrest, who ended up dying on the spot, despite the resuscitation maneuvers undertaken.

A third person was taken to Hospital de São João, in Porto, in serious condition.

Firefighters from Moreira da Maia told the Lusa agency that all victims belong to the same family unit. The GNR was also at the site, and the Judiciary Police were later called.

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