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This Sunday, the Formula 1 championship is defined in which Verstappen seeks to obtain his first title against a Hamilton who will try to make history with his eighth crown; subscribe to Star + and do not miss details of F1

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It will be very controversial, because Mercedes claimed the FIA ​​for the decision at the end with the Safety Car. But Verstappen beat Hamilton with red tires against the very worn whites of Hamilton and at the age of 24 he achieved his first world championship.

Lewis Hamilton remains, for now, with 7 F1 World Cups and remains tied with Michael Schumacher.


FIA AND A CONTROVERSIAL INDICATION: Lagging cars between Hamilton and Verstappen will not be allowed to pass. RB is already claiming … Then the FIA ​​decides that the lagging cars can always pass, there will be a race lap head-to-head!

CZECH PÉREZ IS OUT. Some problem had with the RB16B.

Max Verstappen went for red tires and Checo Pérez also. Hamilton keeps his tires.

SAFETY CAR! Nicholas Latifi got stuck and race control decides to take out the Safety Car. A lot of waste on the track. But, will there be laps? is the 54 of 58 …

10 laps to go: Hamilton P1 has 12.3 seconds over Verstappen. It does not seem that it will reach for the Dutch.

Mercedes, at the moment is world champion. Hamilton’s 25 points would be enough.

Green flag: lap 38 and the situation is that Hamilton did not enter, his tires have 25 laps against Verstappen at 17 seconds but with a new hard rim.

Virtual Safety Car: Max Verstappen to the pits and goes for hard new. There will be about 20 spins left. Checo Pérez also went for tough news.

Hamilton is 30 seconds behind P3 Checo Pérez. Assuming Lewis and Max had to pit again, Hamilton would be safe from Checo.

Lap 32/58: The rhymes stabilize. Hamilton keeps his distance from Verstappen and Max doesn’t seem to want to get more out of the car. It’s a lot of laps for the hard tires if they want to go all the way.

Checo Pérez already stopped and put white. Hamilton resumed the lead with Verstappen 2.7 seconds behind. “A legend,” he said on Verstappen radio about Checo Pérez.

Checo Pérez holds Hamilton as best he can … he lost a lot of time and Verstsappen came within 2.3 seconds of Hamilton

Lap 18: Verstappen passed Sainz and is P3. Hamilton is 7.9 seconds away. Hamilton 4 behind Pérez and Lewis has a relentless pace.

They indicate to Checo Pérez that Hamilton has stopped and that they will now go to Plan B. Possibly it is a matter of holding the red tires, so that Verstappen approaches Hamilton.

Lap 15: Hamilton to pits. Now Checo Pérez is the leader of the race.

Lap 14: Verstappen to pits. Red Bull puts on a hard tire and gets into P6, but quickly shook off Tsunoda and Leclerc. Sainz remains.

Verstappen has no rhythm. On lap 11 he lost a second to Hamilton and the difference for lap 12 is more than 4 seconds. Even Pérez has a better pace than the Dutch driver. “My rear tires don’t give out anymore,” Verstappen says on radio.

Hamilton’s pace is very good in all sectors, not only speed 1 and 2, but also in three he is faster than Verstappen. Winning the first position has allowed Hamilton’s Mercedes to control the race pace with clean air.

Lap 5/58: Good pace for Hamilton on the yellow rubber. Verstappen can’t get close. Thus, Hamilton is world champion, but there is a long way to go.

START: Hamilton takes the lead after a great start. Norris went over on braking and Checo Pérez passed it.

  1. Hamilton

  2. Verstappen

  3. Pérez

Later Hamilton is attacked by Verstappen but Lewis managed to maintain position but with a maneuver to the limit (the Mercedes had to leave the track).

After months and kilometers traveled around the world, the Formula 1 arrive at GP de Abu Dabi to end one of the best seasons in memory.

The most contested since the start of the hybrid era in 2014 and the first in which a serious Mercedes driver and the same German team could not win the championships.

Max Verstappen arrives at the renewed Yas Marina circuit, of 5.2 kilometers and 16 curves, with the advantage of the tiebreaker. He and Lewis Hamilton are the only ones who can win the drivers’ championship, but …

What does Max Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton need to win the drivers’ championship?

  • Anyone who wins the race or is ahead of the opponent, takes the title.

  • If for some reason they finish tied on points, Verstappen takes the crown by tiebreaker: he has the most wins for the year. They could be tied if both fold; they fall out of the top 10; Hamilton finished 9th and Verstappen 10th, but the Dutchman took the extra point for the fastest lap of the race.

What does Red Bull need to beat Mercedes in the constructors’ championship?

The German organization arrives in Abu Dhabi with an advantage of 28 points. The maximum number of points that a team can score per race is 44 (counting the point of the fastest lap

  • If Mercedes scores 17 points, any Red Bull effort will be in vain. In other words, if any Mercedes finish second, the World Cup will be decided in their favor.

There will be 58 laps to the Yas Marina to complete the 306.1 kilometers of the Grand Prix. Last year the win went to Verstappen’s Red Bull, that’s the only 2014 non-Mercedes win to date in Abu Dhabi home to an F1 race since 2009.

Lewis Hamilton will start with a medium compound tire and Max Verstappen with a soft tire (red). The stocking lasts longer, but the soft one is faster and should have a better start.

Mazepin out for COVID

Russian Nikita Mazepin (Haas), tested positive for COVID-19 and will not participate as confirmed by his own team. Haas will only race with Mick Schumacher, as the regulations prohibit a rider from competing who has not taken part in at least one free practice, which is the case of Pietro Fittipaldi, the organization’s third rider.