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18h49 : But of course @Anne ! Our colleagues from the channel 27 news channel will be in a special edition from 7 p.m. to follow the departure of Thomas Pesquet’s International Space Station. If you are early in the morning, know that they will take the air at 4 a.m. to witness the French landing, scheduled for 4:29 a.m. off Florida.

18h48 : Will it be possible to see live, at what time and on which channels or websites the departure of the capsule that will bring Thomas and his fellow astronauts back to our planet Earth? Thank you 😊

18h09 : It’s 6 p.m., here’s another reminder of the main titles:

• “Evil has been done, a lot of harm has been done”, recognized the president of the French Bishops’ Conference. Compensation for victims, reparation body, working groups … Here are the measures announced by the bishops against child crime.

• Frenchman Thomas Pesquet is due to leave the ISS at 8:05 pm later. It is due to land at 4:29 am tomorrow morning off Florida. Follow his return to Earth in our live.

• A police officer was attacked this morning with a stabbing weapon near the central police station in Cannes but did not “not been physically injured”, said the Minister of the Interior, who visited the site. The suspect, who is “between life and death”, did not have “no criminal record” and was unknown to the intelligence services, Gerald Darmanin added.

• The National Assembly voted in first reading the appropriations for the France 2030 investment plan. They adopted “the most expensive amendment of the Fifth Republic”, of 34 billion euros, of which 3.5 billion from 2022.

17h52 : While waiting for his possible future departure for the Moon, here are the main steps (in English) of its journey before landing off Florida tomorrow morning at 4:29 am.

17h45 : Does Thomas Pesquet hope to go to the moon one day? This is what the Frenchman suggests, who is due to leave the ISS this evening at 8:05 p.m.

16h03 : Find tonight on the franceinfo channel, from 7 p.m., a special edition dedicated to the return of Thomas Pesquet with Elodie Viau, from the European space agency, Rémi Canton, du Cnes, and the former French astronaut Jean-Loup Chrétien.

14h51 : We detail in this article six things to know about the return to Earth of Thomas Pesquet.


14h48 : Hello @Lussi. The European Space Agency specifies (in English) that Thomas Pesquet and his teammates must leave the ISS this evening at 8:05 p.m. (Paris time) and make their landing tomorrow morning at 4:29 (Paris time, always).

14h48 : Hello ! How long will their voyage take before they land?

14h47 : It is advanced by 4 minutes. European Space Agency announces (in English) that Frenchman Thomas Pesquet and his colleagues will be leaving the International Space Station tonight for a water landing tomorrow morning at 4:29 am (Paris time).

13h37 : How about a little reading to accompany your lunch break? Here are some of our content:

A few hours before Thomas Pesquet’s return to Earth, our journalist Louis San looked at the experiments carried out by the French astronaut during his stay in the International Space Station.

How does climate change affect our daily lives? Elements of response through the fictitious life of a child, Emma, ​​born on the opening day of COP21 in Paris, November 30, 2015.

As the presidential election approaches, a study conducted by the Jean-Jaurès Foundation points to the difficulties for the deaf and hard of hearing to follow televised debates.

10h16 : Thomas Pesquet’s return to Earth will not be easy. The French astronaut, who will leave the International Space Station this evening, will have to observe a “rehabilitation period” three weeks, explained on franceinfo the former French astronaut Michel Tognini.

08h22 : Apart from the educational part, notably with blobs, Thomas Pesquet’s experiments fall into two main categories: space exploration and scientific research. As for terrestrial applications, which may one day be of use to us on the ground, they are rare.

08h22 : After six months spent aboard the International Space Station, Thomas Pesquet is preparing to return to Earth. If he has shared many photos and videos of the Earth on social networks, the French astronaut does not only have that. Far from there. He took part in a hundred experiments. But what is he working on? What are they for ? Will we one day benefit from it? I answer them in this article.

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet feeds tardigrades aboard the International Space Station, September 20, 2021. (THOMAS PESQUET / ESA)