Former Denver Broncos catcher Demaryius Thomas dies at 33


The player had announced his retirement from American football in 2021. The causes of his death are still unknown.

Demaryius Thomas died.
© Getty ImagesDemaryius Thomas died.

Horrible news broke out in the early hours of Thursday in the United States: Demaryius Thomas, champion of Super Bowl 50 with the Denver Broncos, and a major recipient in the last decade of the National Football League, passed away at age 33.

The news was confirmed by Fox 5 journalist Miles Garrett, who contacted one of Thomas’s closest people to confirm what until now was just a rumor: Jeff Clayton, his coach in high school. According to sources later confirmed to TMZ, “DT” was found dead at his home in Georgia, and the causes of his death are unknown.

Who was once a college star at Georgia Tech He had retired from football in 2021 during the offseason, after 10 seasons in the league. He had an immediate impact on the Denver Broncos, as well as spending time on New York Jets, New England Patriots Y Houston Texans.

Milestones in the career of Demaryius Thomas

As for sports, Thomas was someone who knew how to make a place in the league from the beginning. The chemistry he generated with Peyton Manning is perhaps what stands out the most, as it earned them a championship ring. The former Pats finished his career with five Pro Bowl selections, two second All-Pro teams and 724 receptions for 9,763 yards and 63 touchdowns.

Thomas accomplished much more in life than he was actually written to do, with a complicated personal life story: The police arrested his mother and grandmother accused of selling crack during their childhood, a sentence that ended up being overturned by President Barrack Obama 20 years later.