Found in a stream in Alabama the car and belongings of a college student who disappeared 45 years ago | Univision News Events

The night of January 27, 1976, Kyle Wade Clinkscale He left LaGrange, Georgia, for Auburn University, where he was studying at Albama. That was the last time they saw him.

Have elapsed 45 years since that disappearance, during which time an intense search was made and lakes were drained in the hope of finding the young student.

The mystery has just been solved. Troup County (Georgia) Sheriff James Woodruff reported Wednesday the 1974 Ford Pinto automobile find in which Clinkscale was traveling.

The vehicle was found in an Alabama stream. Inside were your wallet, identity document and also human remains.

“For 45 years we have searched for Kyle and his car. We have followed hundreds of leads and have never gotten anything of substance from them,” Woodruff said, expressing his satisfaction with the find.

Clinkscale, which He was 22 when he disappeared, he was an only child. His mother passed away earlier this year in hopes that her son would come home one day. His father died in 2007, the sheriff said.

How the missing boy was found in Alabama

Woodruff said that around 11:20 a.m. Tuesday, the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a person reporting what appeared to be a car submerged in a stream on a county road.

Chambers’ Sheriff Sid Lockhart said the car was found some three miles away from what would have been the normal Clinkscales route to college. Lockhart said he did not know if the area had been searched when the missing person was reported.

A special team pulled the car out of the water. “It seemed to be a vintage Ford model with a 1976 Georgia license plate with a Troup County sticker, “reads a sheriff’s office report shared on its Facebook page.

The trunk door was open, but Lockhart said he doesn’t know if it opened after years in the water or for another reason.

Chambers County then contacted the Troup County Sheriff’s Office for assistance with identifying the car. They found that the data matched the vehicle Clinkscales was driving when he disappeared.

Woodruff said the roof of the car “is completely” rusted. Inside, They discovered a wallet, credit cards, Clinkscales ID and several bones.

“We believe they are human in nature. We have called the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. They are currently at our facility disassembling the car and, if they can, examining what is inside to determine how many bones there are and if they are really his bones.” the sheriff.

Woodruff said he hopes the cause of death can be determined. “But we may never know.”

“The mere fact that we hopefully found him and his car gives me a huge sigh of relief,” the sheriff said.