Francisco Benitez wants administration of SAD do Benfica with football men only – Benfica

Candidate presented electoral program

Benfica associates will have a say, at the general meeting, on the elements appointed to the board of directors of SAD. This is one of the proposals presented in the electoral manifesto of the ‘Servir o Benfica’ movement, headed by Francisco Benítez. A board of directors that will be made up exclusively of “specialists in what is its ‘core business’, football”. It appears, therefore, that with Benítez, should he be elected, Benfica SAD will invert the paradigm of recent years, in which “only one of the elements [no caso, Rui Costa] has a history and curriculum in the field of football”.

“This board of directors must be reformulated, appointing members with a different profile than what has been established in the recent past. This appointment to management positions at SAD must always represent an asset in sporting terms, being chosen members with proven experience in the area of ​​football, combining this experience with an undeniable goodwill, a mandatory condition for the nomination”, reads Francisco Benítez’s electoral program, presented this Friday to the media.


Rui Costa wants shorter squads, fewer players with contracts and salary cap

The constitution of the main squad will also follow new rules. “The club must have shorter, more competitive and superior average quality squads. The football squad must be composed of two players for each position, with conditions to take ownership at any time, without jeopardizing the quality of the processes of the team”, says the document, which makes room for the use of the products of the incarnated training: “greater presence of young people from B, Under 23 and junior teams in the training and game processes of the senior team, when their characteristics and potential so they can justify it, which will make it easier for the young players in the formation to rise to the first team.”

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