French ambassador to return to Washington next week, Macron announces after meeting with Biden

The two heads of state spoke for the first time since the start of the crisis, triggered by Australia’s breach of a contract for submarines.

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A call to relieve the pressure. Emmanuel Macron, after meeting with US President Joe Biden, decided on Wednesday September 22 to return the French ambassador to Washington (United States) “next week”, after recalling it during the submarine crisis. The two heads of state “agreed that open consultations between allies on issues of strategic interest to France and European partners would have made it possible to avoid this situation”, underlines a joint press release sent by the Elysée.

“The two heads of state have decided to launch a process of in-depth consultations” to ensure “confidence and to propose concrete measures to achieve common objectives”, adds the press release, which specifies that a meeting is planned in Europe “at the end of October”.

In the same press release, Joe Biden ruled “necessary for European defense to be stronger and more efficient” to contribute to transatlantic security and complement “the role of NATO”. United States “reaffirm that the engagement of France and the European Union in the Indo-Pacific region is of strategic importance”, adds the document.