GDL threatens the railway – Weselsky: “After the strike is before the strike”

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“After the strike is before the strike” – Weselsky threatens the railway

Claus Weselsky is already threatening the next strike Claus Weselsky is already threatening the next strike

Claus Weselsky is already threatening the next strike

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Before the end of the current train drivers’ strike, GDL boss Claus Weselsky does not rule out further strikes. Both parties have not been able to come to an agreement in previous negotiations. But he wants to give Deutsche Bahn some time “to correct itself”.

BFurther strikes cannot be ruled out at Deutsche Bahn. “After the strike is before the strike,” said the chairman of the GDL train drivers’ union, Claus Weselsky, in front of members at Berlin Central Station on Monday.

It is up to the management of the railway whether there will be another labor dispute. The third strike so far in the current collective bargaining round will end on Tuesday night as planned.

Weselsky asked for an offer that would enable the union to conclude a collective agreement for all members in the various rail companies. He also demanded wage increases for employees as in the public sector from this year, a corona bonus and the continuation of the previous company pension system.

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Another legal defeat

Weselsky underlined on Tuesday in the MDR that he did not want to announce any new labor disputes. At the end of one strike, you don’t threaten the next one. “Of course, you also have to give the other side some time and the opportunity to correct themselves. I think that is still possible. ”The federal government is also called upon,“ here millions of taxes are burned for nothing, ”said Weselsky.

With a view to the citizens and passengers affected by the strike, Weselsky said on Monday: “We ask you to accept and appreciate that employees here show in an exemplary manner how to bring an employer to its knees in a labor dispute who is wasting taxpayers’ money and self-interest. “

The railway wants to limit the power of the GDL

The train drivers’ union GDL sees no basis for new negotiations in the wage conflict with Deutsche Bahn. The union is ready for further talks if a negotiable offer comes from the train, said GDL boss Claus Weselsky on Monday in the ZDF “Morgenmagazin”. The so-called offer of the railway is only a simulated improvement.

The railway wants to limit the GDL to train drivers and train attendants and refuse them to conclude collective agreements for the workshop and administration. Here fundamental rights would be affected.

It should be permanently prevented that the GDL has the majority in the company. “And we are defending ourselves against this,” said Weselsky: “I don’t have to agree on 3.2 percent if the railway permanently restricts us to train drivers, train attendants, on-board restaurateurs and thus prevents us from actually being able to reach the majority in the respective company . “This is not about supremacy.

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Weselsky rejected criticism from DGB boss Reiner Hoffmann and sees the GDL wrongly in the pillory. Hoffmann had accused the GDL of particular interests and attempts to profile the larger rail union EVG.

Weselsky said he would like a chairman of an umbrella organization of trade unions to keep an eye on cause and effect. The DGB boss was the one who initiated the collective bargaining law. And now the GDL is being accused of recruiting more members. “Well, I don’t know exactly what the law was created for.” This says very clearly: If you have more members in your company, your collective agreements will be retained in the future.

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The GDL is “very satisfied” with the previous strike at Deutsche Bahn. The third round of strikes in the ongoing collective bargaining dispute is expected to last until early Tuesday morning (2:00 a.m.). “It is clear to us that this is unpleasant for customers,” said Weselsky. The competitors of the Deutsche Bahn keep the traffic according to information completely upright. These are also the proof that employers grant their employees the “proper wage increases”.