German weather service warns of floods – SWR Aktuell

The rivers in Baden-Württemberg currently already carry a lot of water. So far, the country has largely been spared major damage. But here too the levels will rise.

The flood forecast center (HVZ) Baden-Württemberg warns of local heavy rainfall and rising water levels until Friday. The southern Black Forest, Upper Swabia and Lake Constance are particularly affected.

Dead in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia

The flood situation in Rhineland-Palatinate is dramatic. Whole regions in the Eifel were flooded. In the Ahrweiler district alone, the flood disaster killed at least 28 people, said Interior Minister Roger Lewentz (SPD). Dozens of other people are still missing. In North Rhine-Westphalia, the number of deaths rose to at least 30. According to the Interior Ministry, 57 were injured. Several places are cut off from the outside world.


Continuous rain has caused floods and flooding, especially in the north of Rhineland-Palatinate. People died, many are missing. The weather service warns of further continuous rain. Here is the current situation.

Water level at Lake Constance is approaching high water mark

The water level of Lake Constance is currently 4.63 meters at the Konstanz gauge. The high water mark has not yet been exceeded, but the water levels are currently rising. According to the Institute for Lake Research in Langenargen (Lake Constance district), a level of 4.80 meters or more measured in Constance is considered to be flood.

But since the German Meteorological Service warns of continuous rain, especially for the Lake Constance district and the Ravensburg district, the water levels are likely to continue to rise. At the weekend, the lake level could rise up to 4.90 meters. The cities in the region are already making initial preparations and are closely monitoring the situation. But everything is still “in the green”, say from the ports in Friedrichshafen and Ludwigshafen.


Water level shortly before flooding (Photo: SWR, Eichenhofer)

Because of the possible high water at the weekend, the current water level around Lake Constance is closely monitored. At the moment there are hardly any problems with the water level.

More rain in the evening

In Heilbronn and the surrounding area, heavy rains on Thursday evening caused several fire brigade operations. Among other things, the parking lot of a car dealership was flooded.

The “Rheinstrom” inn in Rastatt-Plittersdorf is cut off. The water is so high that it can only be reached by boat.

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Heavy rain could also make rivers swell in Baden-Württemberg

Overall, the extent of the flood is difficult to assess, said an HVZ spokeswoman. “The situation is extremely unsafe.” She justified this with many uncertainties in the weather models. The meteorologists of the German Weather Service (DWD) are expecting heavy continuous rain until Saturday in Baden-Württemberg.

At the Rhine gauges of Hauenstein (Waldshut district), Kehl-Kronenhof (Ortenau district) and Maxau (Karlsruhe district), the flood levels have been exceeded for a few days. According to the forecast on the Upper Rhine, they could rise significantly again at night.

On Thursday evening, the Rhine level at Maxau (Karlsruhe district) was 8.34 meters according to the HVZ. On Tuesday evening, the authorities stopped shipping traffic on the Rhine near Karlsruhe after the water level of 7.5 meters was exceeded.

According to the Swiss authorities, there is currently a considerable risk of flooding for the Rhine between Waldshut and Basel. The city of Lörrach calls on the population to be careful because of the flood.

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The water level of the Rhine near Mannheim was 6.76 meters on Thursday evening and could rise significantly again towards the weekend. According to the Waterways and Shipping Office, flood waves from Karlsruhe-Maxau bring more water towards Mannheim. According to forecasts by the HVZ Baden-Württemberg, the Rhine level will be just under 7 meters on Friday. Shipping traffic is stopped from a water level of 7.60 meters.

Authorities warn of “flood tourism”

The Karlsruhe Regional Council warns of dangers to humans and animals in view of the tense flood situation. The so-called flood tourism on the dams is being watched critically.


Rhine flood near Karlsruhe (Photo: SWR)

The Karlsruhe Regional Council warns of dangers to humans and animals in view of the tense flood situation. The so-called flood tourism on the dams is being watched critically.