Gilles Simeoni snatches the absolute majority from the Collectivity of Corsica

The outgoing president, Gilles Simeoni (“Fà populu Inseme”), won the second round of the territorial elections in Corsica by strengthening his hegemonic position on the island assembly with 40.64%, which ensures him to have a majority absolute of at least 32 seats out of the 63 councilors present in the Chamber. In this quadrangular election marked by good turnout (58.91%), three nationalist lists attracted almost 67.98% of the vote, or two out of three voters, since Jean-Christophe Angelini (“Avanzemu per a Corsica”) was credited with 15.07% and Paul-Félix Benedetti (“Core in fronte”) with 12.26%.

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The only family from the traditional class, represented by the right of Laurent Marcangeli (“Un soffiu nuovo”, “a new breath for Corsica”), totals only 32.02%, which permanently marks the pregnancy of nationalists in the island’s political landscape since they joined the business in 2015. Mr. Simeoni has been applauded since the former Bastia town hall, in the market square. But the loudest clamor emanated, one street away, from the support of Paul-Felix Benedetti.

Rhythmed by the refrain that became the former of the National Liberation Front of Corsica (FLNC), The people done, we have to march (“The constituted people must set in motion”), or chanting «Long live the independence struggle! “ (“Long live the struggle for independence!”), The thunderous entrance of Mr. Benedetti and a hundred of his activists waving Corsican flags in the wedding hall of the old town hall after 8 pm, stole somewhat starring Mr. Simeoni, ahead of his triumphant exit, which ended with the very pious God save you Queen, the Corsican anthem.

“Building in dialogue”

This dividing line alone represents the new face of independence, hitherto embodied by Corsica Libera, the formation of Jean-Guy Talamoni, the great loser of this election, who failed in a second round march (6.90 %) and who had to be forced to withdraw his candidacy so that elected officials from his “Fà Nazione” list would merge with Jean-Christophe Angelini’s list. “We want to be the engine of an innovative policy leading to an economic rebalancing with a view to the most disadvantaged or regional planning”, announced Mr. Benedetti, pocketing six seats in the territorial body.

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