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Status: 10/15/2021 9:36 p.m.

The federal police had warned: At the beginning of the holiday, a large rush to Hanover Airport was to be expected. You have to be prepared for long waiting times. It didn’t get that bad.

The Federal Police assumed that up to 6,000 travelers would have to go through security checks within a few hours. In the end, it was full on Friday at Hanover Airport, but all travelers should have got their plane on holiday. The airport operators had retrofitted personnel at the security gates, so the waiting times were kept within limits. Anyone who was at the airport three hours before departure had no problem catching their plane. The airport itself expects up to 15,000 passengers a day during the autumn holidays.


Passengers should be there three hours before departure

In view of the expected crowds of tourists, the Federal Police continues to advise to be at the airport in Langenhagen three hours before departure. In addition, the officials again reminded the observance of the existing rules – for example that bottles with liquids over 100 milliliters do not belong in hand luggage. The same applies to pocket knives and lighters, which are considered dangerous objects. In the end, hand luggage had to be manually searched for this reason. This takes a lot of time, said a spokesman. Despite repeated reports, “tons of liquids and objects have been disposed of at the security checkpoint” since the beginning of October.


People stand in line at the airport. There are also numerous wheeled suitcases.

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The workers wanted to use the protest to draw attention to staff shortages and poor working conditions. (08.10.2021) 2 min

Waiting times of six hours

Because of a lack of staff at the security company, long queues had repeatedly formed at the controls at Hanover Airport. People had to stay there for up to six hours. Some passengers even missed their flights as a result. In the end, however, the situation is said to have improved again. The federal police attributed this to additional pre-controls.

Personnel withdrawn from other locations

According to the federal police, the security company has withdrawn staff from other locations for the upcoming autumn vacation. This is to cope with the rush of travelers at the airport. Nevertheless: “Due to the number of passengers and the existing infrastructure, waiting times will not be entirely avoidable in certain time windows,” said the spokesman.

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Security personnel demonstrated at Hanover Airport with signs and Verdi flags. © TeleNewsNetwork

The employees want to draw attention to the problems in the control area that have existed for a long time. (08.10.2021) more

Travelers wait in front of the security clearance from Hanover Airport. © dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Michael Matthey

The passengers at Hanover Airport often had to expect long delays beforehand. The reason was a lack of staff. (02.10.2021) more

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