Hans-Georg Maaßen: Vaccination damage as a child

BerlinThe former President of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Hans-Georg Maaßen, defends himself against demands for his exclusion from the CDU. In a letter to other party members, which the online portal The Pioneer reported on Tuesday and which is also available to the German Press Agency, Maaßen defended that he had shared a video of a vaccination critic on the Internet. He pointed out that he had suffered vaccine damage as a child: at the age of five he had to undergo emergency surgery after a vaccination, and a year later after a combination vaccination a second time.

Schleswig-Holstein’s Education Minister Karin Prien, who is also a member of the CDU federal executive board, called for Maassen’s exclusion on Sunday. The failed Bundestag candidate had previously spread controversial positions on Corona.

Maaßen laments “attack on freedom of expression”

“The announcement of a party exclusion procedure against a party member because of such a posting is an attack on freedom of expression and intra-party democracy,” writes Maaßen. This was intended to intimidate other members. “If I post a video of a professor who is seriously concerned about the contamination of the mRNA vaccines, I am exercising my basic right to freedom of expression.” The CDU must deal with the arguments of critical experts.

“I can understand anyone who gets vaccinated and boosted, because Covid-19 is a serious disease,” the letter says. But the state is obliged to take the concerns of the unvaccinated seriously. “I am not against vaccinations, because I consider them to be a very important means of preventing infectious diseases,” assured Maaßen. He had been vaccinated again and again, but only with vaccines that he had tolerated well. However, he considers the statement by politicians that a vaccination is just a spade to be frivolous.