He killed an unarmed young man who parked the car in front of his house; A Case That Tests Texas Self Defense Laws | Univision News Events

The young Moroccan immigrant Adil Dghoughi was killed with two shots by the owner of the house next to which he parked his vehicle, apparently To look for directions in the middle of the night

The event occurred after three in the morning on October 11 in the city of Martindale, located between Austin and San Antonio, Texas. Dghoughi was returning home after attending a barbecue with his girlfriend, Sarah Todd.

Todd believes Dghoughi parked at the driveway of Terry Duane Turner, a 65-year-old white man, to look up directions, because surely it would have been lost, as he told the local media Kvue.

Turner told authorities that he woke up to go to the bathroom and saw an unknown vehicle parked with its lights off next to his truck. He ran up to his room to grab his gun and when he got out the vehicle had the lights on and “began to accelerate in reverse.”

Despite that, Tuner admitted that ran after the vehicle, struck twice on the driver’s door with his gun and fired the two shots that killed Dghoughi through the glass.

Turner returned home and called 911 to report that he had killed a man, but attributed it to an act of self-defense. “I just killed a guy, he tried to point a gun at me and I shot him,” he said according to the written judicial statement accessed by media such as CNN or the local Kvue.

Nevertheless no weapons were found either inside the vehicle or in Dghoughi’s possession, who died shortly after being transferred to the hospital seriously wounded.

“White privilege” in the case of Adil Dghoughi

They complain that the authorities It will take 11 days to arrest Turner And now they have released him in two hours after posting a $ 150,000 bond.

“The police officer in charge of the case thought that the attacker had a clear intention to kill. Despite that and the other evidence, he was not arrested until 11 days after the murder. This is white privilege. #JusticeForAdil, “CAIR said on its Twitter.

The “self defense” laws and the case of Adil Dghoughi

Dghoughi’s family members fear that Turner is going under the Texas law known as ‘Stand your ground’, or ‘Defend your position’. one of the controversial “self-defense” rules in the United States.

The main idea of ​​the legislative text is that “a person can justify the use of force against another and to the extent that he considers it necessary to protect yourself of the use of illegal force of that subject against her “.

So far the evidence in this case indicates that Dghoughi was just sitting inside his vehicle and unarmed.

“‘Defend your position’ laws across the country have a history of have been used to commit legal violence against people of color“said CAIR-Austin Director Faizan Syed.

“If this man (Turner) is not found guilty, he is going to set the precedent that you can just shoot anyone who sets foot on your property. He is not going to be allowed or get lost in a neighborhood,” said Sarah Todd, at local medium Kvue.

The young Moroccan’s family and the CAIR assure that they will continue to fight for Turner to pay for his crime and “Justice for Adil” is done.