Helene Fischer shows baby bump for the first time – and finds clear words about the hype

Helene Fischer was open in her livestream.

picture: helene fischer (official) / Youtube

The fans of Helene Fischer have marked themselves in red on the calendar for many weeks now on October 15: Finally, the superstar’s new studio album “Rausch” is released, “Vamos a marte” and “Volle Kraft Ahead” were the harbingers. As a special extra, the singer was hosting a live stream on the evening of October 14th, which was all about the record. She was interviewed by Janin Ullmann.

In addition to the music, the focus from the fan point of view was of course on something completely different: Helene’s baby bump. A few days earlier, the 37-year-old had confirmed pregnancy rumors that she was expecting her first child soon.

Helene Fischer gets the fans excited

For the occasion, the singer wore a skirt, overknee boots and a bright oversize sweater. So much of the baby bump of the “breathless” interpreter could not be seen, but when she greeted Janin Ullman at the beginning, her curves could at least be guessed very well from the side. For the rest of the event, however, Helene took a seat on a chair.

Ullman congratulated her on her private happiness, but otherwise the upcoming birth was practically no topic in the stream. In the chat comments, however, Helene’s pregnancy was often mentioned.

Pregnant Helene Fischer (here on the left in the picture) wore a wide sweater in the live stream.

Pregnant Helene Fischer (here on the left in the picture) wore a wide sweater in the live stream.

picture: helene fischer (official) / Youtube

The singer finds clear words

In the course of the evening she was congratulated by several famous colleagues on “Rausch”, including Robbie Williams and Kerstin Ott, who spoke on one-player. In addition, Helene got euphoric messages from her own fans who can hardly wait for the new songs. A follower even performed a dance performance. Around 7.45 p.m. the stream on Youtube ended, then it continued on Tiktok, where Helene also asked fan questions.

Right at the beginning, however, the mother-to-be took on a serious tone. Janin Ullman confronted her with the numerous press reports of the last few days about Helene’s private life. “It’s not an easy subject for me, it’s a bit absurd for me”the singer clarified. She loves to open up on stage, but sometimes “freely invented stories” are spread about her, which is not what she wants.

Helene Fischer answered fan questions on the Tiktok stream.

Helene Fischer answered fan questions on the Tiktok stream.

Image: helenefischer / tiktok

“What has been reported in the last few weeks has annoyed me immensely because it is such an invasion of my privacy”, said Helene finally. Actually, it does not want to take place in the media every day. “I understand people so well who are simply annoyed by this constant Helene Fischer hype,” she even stated openly.

The pop star had previously expressed displeasure on Instagram. There Helene said at the beginning of October after her pregnancy became known: “You know that I have always kept my private life under lock and key for protection, and yet the media always manage to speculate, report, judge and write fictional stories inventing and spreading falsehoods that have made me angry and sad at the same time for so many years. But this time there were probably people close to me who shared trusted and personal information with the media, which in this case actually disappoints me the most . “