Helge Schneider cancels remaining “beach chair” appearances

Panorama Scandal at “Strandkorb Open Airs”

After the concert was canceled – Helge Schneider cancels any remaining “beach chair” appearances

Helge Schneider has recorded a new album

Schneider’s abandoned concert caused a stir on social media

Source: dpa / Caroline Seidel

“I have to say that it really pisses me off,” said Helge Schneider during his performance at the “Strandkorb Open Airs” – and broke off his concert. Now the musician is drawing conclusions.

NAfter the scandal surrounding a concert that was canceled by Helge Schneider, all of the musician’s planned appearances in the “Strandkorb Open Airs” series in Mönchengladbach, Bochum, Hartenholm, Berlin / Hoppegarten and St. Wendel have now been canceled. For Hamburg there is therefore an alternative date on September 5 – without beach chairs. Helge Schneider announced this on Tuesday evening on his Facebook page. “Helge expresses his respect for the great commitment of the organizer, which with the development of a new concept has made live concerts possible in a larger setting in front of an audience. Unfortunately, the format doesn’t suit him personally ”, it was announced on Facebook.

Previously there had been talks between the musician and the organizers. The 65-year-old tailor (“cat toilet”) had canceled a performance at the Strandkorb Open Air in Augsburg on Friday evening because the hospitality of the guests bothered him. “I have to say, that really pisses me off. I don’t feel like it anymore, ”he said. Since then, the demolition has been causing discussions in the networks on the Internet, the local organizers had announced that the demolition would also be examined from a legal point of view.

On Tuesday evening it was also announced that Schneider, together with the organizer, will donate 20,000 euros to the victims of the flood disaster in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate. To show “that the financial aspect was just as little in the foreground of the decision as any criticism of the beach chair event format.” The donation is also a sign to all other participants in the concert series.

At the festival, which is held at 16 locations across Germany, the audience sits in beach chairs in order to be able to keep their distance from other guests during the pandemic. The visitors can be served by the catering on the square. This annoyed Schneider because the employees always walked by near the stage. “So I felt immensely disturbed and distracted,” he said afterwards in a video message distributed on Twitter. It did not allow him to concentrate.