How much does Teddy Riner earn on the judo tatami mats?

July 29, 2021 at 7:50 PM by Thomas

Teddy Riner is a bankable athlete, in a sport that is not particularly bankable.

It’s tonight, at 4 a.m. in France, that Teddy Riner starts his tournament at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Double gold medalist, he is aiming for a third Olympic title to complete an extraordinary record. At the height of the athlete he is. And as such, he is a very bankable athlete, under contract with Paris Saint-Germain. According to information from The team, he earns 400,000 euros gross annually, with the capital club.

A salary of € 400,000 per year with PSG

For gains, which the sports media estimated for the year 2017, at 5.5 million euros, adding everything: salary, competition bonuses, sponsorship and miscellaneous income. More or less, because for him it depends on the Olympic years which are necessarily more profitable. In Rio, his coronation earned him 50,000 euros. In Tokyo, he will be able to aim for the bonus of 65,000 euros, promised to all the winners.

Many sponsors join forces with Teddy Riner

Outside the tatami mats, Teddy Riner is an icon, of judo in the broad sense, of sport in France, in particular. It has nearly two million subscribers, combined with the networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It has the Under Armor brand for official equipment supplier, we recently saw it on repeat, in the group’s campaign, Les Agencies de Papa. It also has Crédit Agricole and SMI Mutuelle, as partners in the kimono. He was also the ambassador of the manufacturer Ford, Accor hotels and Audemars Piguet watches.

€ 65,000 gold for the French at the 2021 Olympics

Teddy Riner has around him a whole staff, sports, medical, legal or advice for his image. It was, last week, the subject of a report, “Teddy Riner, the quest”, broadcast in prime time on France 2.