Huawei launches option to change smartphone battery and storage

With the arrival of HarmonyOS, Huawei has the possibility to renew many of its smartphones. Will give this update to a lot of older equipment, revamping them with a system they probably wouldn’t have access to.

The brand took advantage of this moment, and to give a better user experience, it is offering users the possibility of renewing their smartphones. Allows the battery to be exchanged and, above all, increase the storage they have.

The past week was rich in terms of news from Huawei. The brand finally presented its new smartphone, the P50, showing that it is still a force to be reckoned with, especially in the premium smartphone segment.

A few hours after being known, the P50 Pro was already marking a strong position, taking a prominent place. The first proof came from DxOMark, who placed it at the top of their photography chart. Thus, and as is normal for the brand, photography is still a highlight.

Huawei smartphone storage battery swap

Because it was in the same presentation of this new smartphone that Huawei revealed a novelty for older equipment. The brand wants to renew these proposals, in space to receive the new HarmonyOS, which will soon be extended to many more users.

So, and for a symbolic price, Huawei will renew older smartphones. For this, it will allow the batteries to be replaced by new ones, and with a longer duration. In addition, and to further increase usage, it will allow the storage to be upgraded to 128GB/256GB or 512GB.

Huawei smartphone storage battery swap

Interestingly, this program will cost only €50 (369 yuan). Thus, and with the increase in storage, the available space rises to acceptable values, in light of what is now normal. Many users wanted to increase the RAM, something that would not be simple, being associated with the SoC.

This is a measure that many hope will cross China's borders and reach the international market. Huawei is thus able to renew a large batch of smartphones, saving the environment and users, who thus renew their smartphones.