“I will support the President of the Republic”, declares former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe

Guest of the show “Seven to eight” on TF1, the former Prime Minister hoped that Emmanuel Macron “will be a candidate”.

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Edouard Philippe has chosen his camp. The former Prime Minister said Sunday, September 12 that he would line up behind Emmanuel Macron if he is a candidate in the 2022 presidential election. “For the presidential election of 2022, I will support the President of the Republic. I think, I hope he will be a candidate”, announced the mayor of Le Havre in the program “Sept à Huit” on TF1. “My support will be complete”, he added. He put forward several reasons whose “loyalty” and the need to“accentuate” the reforms launched since 2017.

Edouard Philippe assures that the head of state “is made of a metal which I do not see much of the trace in all of those who are candidates for the presidential election today”. The mayor of Le Havre hopes for the re-election of Emmanuel Macron and adds that he will be ready to help him to constitute a new majority. “I want to participate in the constitution of this new majority, of this new political offer. I am not asking for a place, I have already been Prime Minister”, he says.