If you use Windows 7, you cannot upgrade to Windows 11

Even having already lost support from Microsoft, Windows 7 insists on staying active and with a broad user base. This system appears to have outlived Windows 10 and could withstand Windows 11.

As with the previous version, Microsoft decided to give users the possibility to upgrade for free to Windows 11. The issue now is that the rules have changed and will not allow the upgrade directly to Windows 11.

The decision to keep the Windows 11 update free has appealed to many users who use previous versions. This contentment is even greater when they focus on users who are still using versions prior to Windows 10.

With the end of Windows 7, many users are now faced with the possibility of jumping directly to Windows 11, thus skipping previous versions. These remain accessible, as is the case with Windows 10, even if not officially and directly.

Most devices available for purchase are now upgradeable to Windows 11. You will have the option to upgrade, clean up or re-image Windows 10 to migrate to Windows 11. For Windows 7 devices that meet hardware requirements , will need to do a clean install or reimage to go directly to Windows 11.

What Microsoft has revealed, however, can leave many Windows 7 users with problems and unwilling to upgrade. If in the case of Windows 10 it was possible to upgrade directly, this is no longer possible with Windows 11.

What the software giant has defined is that now the transition from Windows 7 to Windows 11 will have to be done using a fresh installation and complete removal of the previous version. This is a more complicated process and also has other problems associated with it.

Windows 11 Windows 7 Microsoft Update

The biggest problem will be the loss of data and the need to reset the apps and all the settings already made. For many this could be a problem and a factor that will inhibit the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 11.

There is no reason why Microsoft is imposing this rule on Windows 7 users. The move to Windows 11 would be the possibility for many to make a long-desired update.