Immortal Benfica Basketball League Betclic


A Benfica basketball team he moved to the Albufeira Sports Pavilion, where he triumphed over Immortal by 72-77. In the match of the 2nd round in the regular phase of the Betclic League, the eagles took off for the victory in the second half.

After the expressive triumph in the opening round of the competition, at Pavilhão Fidelidade, against Vitória de Guimarães (96-57), Benfica went to the Pavilhão Desportivo de Albufeira, turned the game around and stamped the second success in as many games.

Balanced entry into the match, with Benfica losing by 22-20 at the end of 1st bedroom. To the result of the partial, the eagles responded. Still, the formation of the house proved to be more effective and went to the break in front (37-33).

At the restart, the reds were determined to go around the marker. From the changing rooms to the court came a Benfica reimagined, fast on exits e more defensively aggressive, blocking the realization and approach of the Immortal. On entry to the last 10 minutes of the match, the eagles won by 50-60. If in the 4th quarter Benfica wanted to promote victory, Immortal tried to get it back. In a period marked by an attack and counter-attack game, the embodied managed the superiority and triumphed by 72-77.

Benfica returns to action on the day October 12th, Tuesday, at 21h00, in game of 1st round of Group C of the FIBA ​​Europe Cup, before the Heroes Den Bosch. The match will take place at the Pavilhão Fidelidade.

Albufeira Sports Pavilion
Benfica’s starting five
José Barbosa, Aaron Broussard, Betinho Gomes, Makram Ben Romdhane and Dennis Clifford
José Silva, Travis Munnings, James Farr, Eduardo Francisco, Hugo Silva, Diogo Gameiro and Tomás Barroso
1st bedroom 2nd bedroom 3rd bedroom 4th bedroom
22-20 37-33 50-60 72-77
Benfica Scorers
Dennis Clifford (20), Betinho Gomes (14), Makram Ben Romdhane (12), Aaron Broussard (10), Diogo Gameiro (7), José Silva (6), James Farr (4) and José Barbosa (4)