In the context of escalating infections. France takes over EU presidency

French President Emmanuel Macron, who will present on January 19, in Strasbourg, the program of the French presidency of the Council, announced in early December the priorities for the semester.

The reform of the Schengen Area, migration flows and a summit with the African Union are French priorities, to which is added the holding, in March, of a summit of the European Union, with a view to discussing a new European model of growth and investment in the post-pandemic.

This is the 13th semiannual rotating presidency assumed by France.
Another of Paris’ objectives is the defense of the introduction of the European minimum wage and wage transparency between men and women.

The French portfolio includes a conference on the Western Balkans, scheduled for June, aimed at promoting economic integration in the region and “fighting interference and manipulation by various regional powers that seek to destabilize Europe”.

France succeeds Slovenia in the biannual rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union, which represents the interests of the 27 member countries before the European Commission and the European Parliament. He will be replaced by the Czech Republic in the second half of 2022.

José Manuel Rosendo – Antena 1

Analysts in general view the biannual European presidency, which starts about three months before the presidential elections in France, as a possible boost for Emmanuel Macron, which continues to feed a taboo on his re-application.

“This presidency offers you a welcome platform to highlight your European performance, to set yourself apart from some of your opponents and to come up with new demands, new ideas,” said Claire Demesmay, researcher at the Centro Franco- German Marc-Bloch from Berlin, quoted by international agencies.

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