In these countries, unvaccinated people do not receive quarantine wages

09. September 2021 – 17:14 clock

All citizens have already received a vaccination offer

Rhineland-Palatinate was one of the first federal states to decide: Anyone who has not been vaccinated against Corona and receives an official order to quarantine will no longer have the right to continued payment there from October. Other federal states want to follow.

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Rhineland Palatinate makes it official

In support of the decision, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health announced that from October 1st it can be assumed that “all citizens will be in the age groups in which the vaccination was publicly recommended and insofar as the vaccination is medically possible for them Have received an offer for the corona vaccination “.

In the event of an officially ordered quarantine, employees are entitled to compensation under the Infection Protection Act. According to the Infection Protection Act, this is no longer the case if a publicly recommended vaccination could have avoided isolation or a ban on activity, the spokeswoman said.

Lower Saxony

Lower Saxony’s Minister of Health Daniela Behrens (SPD) speaks during her visit to a vaccination center. Photo: Sina Schuldt / dpa / archive image

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Whether you receive continued wages in Lower Saxony as a non-vaccinated person in quarantine currently depends on the prioritization group.

“People who have received a vaccination offer for a long time due to a high vaccination priority are no longer entitled to this today. All Lower Saxony residents now have the opportunity to get vaccinated quickly and easily. Against this background, I think it is both appropriate and appropriate It is legally required that when the free test offer expires in mid-October, the suspension of the compensation payments for all unvaccinated adults will be checked, provided that there are no medical reasons against a vaccination, “said Health Minister Daniela Behrens. The plans of Lower Saxony thus correspond to those of Rhineland-Palatinate.


In Hesse, too, things look bleak for unvaccinated workers. All that is missing there is a decision by the Corona cabinet to round off the new regulation. The cabinet should decide as soon as possible from which date the continued payment of wages will be suspended. However, the fact that there is a suspension of wages during quarantine for unvaccinated persons is set and is justified by the Federal Infection Protection Act.


In Berlin, such a regulation is also anchored in the text of the law: Anyone who could have avoided a loss of work through a vaccination will not receive any compensation for the missed working time. However, the state of Berlin does not take this as a given in the event of a quarantine during the corona pandemic. Quarantine obligations could also apply to vaccinated people. For example, if you have had contact with an infected person.
The state has so far paid around 5.6 million euros in compensation for quarantine-related lost work.

North Rhine-Westphalia

Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU)

Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU), Minister of Health of North Rhine-Westphalia, speaks at a press conference. Photo: Rolf Vennenbernd / dpa / archive image

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A decision is still pending in the most populous federal state. North Rhine-Westphalia’s Health Minister Laumann, like his colleague at the federal level, has already expressed himself on the question of whether unvaccinated people should continue to receive wages in their quarantine: “I am in favor of not giving them to them anymore, so it is completely clear if I am take away the freedom not to be vaccinated – according to all knowledge, vaccination is the only way to get this pandemic under control – then I have to take full personal responsibility for the consequences that arise from it “. Therefore he will examine this question in the next few days. According to the Ministry of Health, 120 million euros have so far been spent on continued wages in connection with quarantines in NRW.
Laumann is against the 2G model, which excludes the unvaccinated in many areas of public life. “But I am in favor of non-vaccinated people being made uncomfortable in this country if they want to take part in social life,” said the CDU politician.


The city, of all places, in which unvaccinated people can no longer take part in public life, on the other hand, leaves the leash loose when it comes to government support for absenteeism. The “2G option model” applies in Hamburg. As a result, some pubs or restaurants have only opened their doors to vaccinated or convalescent people. Nevertheless, the pioneering state does not plan to end continued wage payments, according to the Hamburg social authority.

Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Baden-Württemberg

In addition to NRW, a continued payment stop is currently being examined in at least two other federal states. Up until now, Saxony had refrained from suspending wage replacement benefits for unvaccinated people in quarantine, as the vaccine would not have been available to all citizens. That has now changed: “Since the nationwide availability of the vaccine is now ensured, the Free State is checking whether the continued payment of wages in quarantine for unvaccinated people will be terminated,” said the Ministry of Social Affairs in Saxony.
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is currently also examining such a regulation. The state expressed the wish for a nationwide uniform regulation.

We have not received any feedback from the federal states of Bavaria, Brandenburg, Bremen, Saarland, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein and Thuringia. (skn)

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