Instagram stories. Carolina Deslandes complains about the Hot Five bar, in Porto, where her suitcase was stolen – Observador

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It was the first concert by Irma, singer and friend of Carolina Deslandes, in Porto, where she was going to present her debut album Primavera. It is with the singer, already acting on stage, that the video begins, shared on the stories from Carolina’s Instagram. What appears to be an appointment from the October 21 concert at the Hot Five bar quickly turns into something else. With the camera pointing at her, the singer of “A Vida Toda” begins to narrate what happened on Thursday night, when her suitcase, coat and a box of sneakers were stolen from the bar where she arrived. sharing the stage with Irma.

At the end of the night, Carolina Deslandes still had a disagreement with the owner of the bar that was recorded in the security cameras. With just the images, any story could be told and that was one of the reasons that led the singer to publicly detail everything that happened that night, as she explains in the video.

The Observer contacted the Hot Five bar, which, in an e-mailed reply, said it had “followed up with a police complaint about the theft of Carolina Deslandes’ belongings and delivery of the respective footage from the security cameras”. In the same answer, he discards any responsibility for what happened.

Images taken from stories by Carolina Deslandes

“It was the first time this happened to me”, begins by saying the singer, who says that in more than 8 years she has never complained on Instagram about having been mistreated at a concert. “Yesterday I went to sing at the Hot Five, the Jazz club in Porto, in Boavista, with Irma, at no cost”, she adds, stressing that it was for her friend.


“I arrived for sound rehearsal, in the concert hall, and put my things down on the chair. I did the sound rehearsal and then we got makeup and hair done in the bathroom. I told Irma I wasn’t going to be taking my things, I was going to leave them there.” Carolina Deslandes tells that the club was still closed, the doors had not opened and that the bathroom “is there 25 steps from the room and no one was there”.

“I have makeup, hairstyle, the teams are returning from dinner. Irma and I didn’t go because we were getting ready for the concert, and I start to ask for my things” from the production, he recalls. That’s when he realizes that his belongings have disappeared: his coat, a suitcase and a box with a pair of sneakers.

The owner of the bar tells him that he has surveillance cameras, but between that statement and viewing the images it takes about two hours, according to the singer, since the priority was to open the doors to start the concert scheduled for 9:30 pm.

“If I have an artist who is robbed inside my house and I say I have security cameras, what do I do? Before even putting anyone in there, I’m going to check the cameras to see if it was a robbery or what happened”, stresses the artist.

The images — which Carolina Deslandes shares on Instagram — show that it was a robbery. “Someone came in through the door on the side of the room that was open — and that was left open by Irma’s team, yes — but they have to understand that for someone to get to that door they had to climb a four meter gate that was covered by a car and walk a hallway. Someone should have guessed that that door could be open and risk climbing a gate.”

For all these reasons, he considers that everything is “deeply far-fetched” and decided that, the next day, he would go to the police to file a complaint.

When I go to watch the video, I see a person who calmly enters the room, a room where there were expensive guitars, where there were thousands of things, looks at a coat, a suitcase and some sneakers and takes him with the biggest of the calm.”

This detail left the singer even more on notice. “I wonder: does a person who climbs a gate, who catches a crack in an open door, want to steal a few things? Will you have the calm of someone walking in a park? This story didn’t smell good to me, but it was my friend’s concert and I didn’t want to spoil it.”

The rest of the night went on and Carolina Deslandes says that, despite being frustrated at being robbed, her goal was to go home and rest. It was at the time of leaving, when she and her friends paid the bill, using their consumption cards (which the singer did not have because she went in before the bar opened to do the soundcheck) who felt abused by the owner.

“We arrived at the door, they hand over their cards and I didn’t have a card, because I was there since the afternoon, I was there singing and nobody gave me a card. We pay the bill for the consumption card, which was still a nice bill and he’s behind the cashier watching us pay the bill, talking about what happened.” After that, outside the bar, the group is approached by a bar employee.

“Here if not when the employee, who was beside him when we paid the bill, comes running after us to the end of the street. ‘I’m so sorry but I’m going to have to make sure you all gave me the cards.’ He sent the girl after us to see if we had paid for everything, if anyone had run away. That in itself is offensive to me, now, I’ve just paid the bill in front of you, I hand the cards in front of you, it wasn’t a five-minute thing, you’re listening to me and Do you send your employee after me down the street after I’ve been smitten in there? That you didn’t speak to me? That you didn’t call the police? I’m still being accused of stealing, that’s what I needed. THEí messed with my mental health”, says Carolina Deslandes.

He returned to the bar, confronted the owner and lost his temper, took over, having yelled at the person in question, all images that were also recorded in the surveillance cameras. “I spoke loudly, I was legitimately nervous, I was disgusted with the situation,” he adds. “I yelled at the man and he never apologized.”

For Carolina Deslandes, everything that happened “is inadmissible from moment one” and she will have said that to the owner of the bar, accusing him of not being ashamed, since the “video of the robbery is very poorly told”.

In the response sent to the Observer, the Hot Five bar says that its team tried to understand what happened: “We do not rest until we unravel the mystery of the disappearance of their belongings and we caught the thief in the cameras. As for the other accusations that she makes to us, they are a lie and we have the videos from the same surveillance cameras that prove it. We have 16 years of history and credibility in the market.” In the same note, it is emphasized that the event was the responsibility of the producer Casulo — “which has already shown itself responsible for leaving the doors open during the afternoon, which allowed the entry of the thief” —, to whom the Hot Five rented the facilities.

(news updated at 18:52 with bar response)