insulted by Wanda Nara, China Suarez defends herself and attacks Mauro Icardi

Designated guilty and responsible, by Wanda Nara, for the crisis experienced by the Icardi couple, the model Maria Eugenia Suarez, nicknamed China Suarez, exposed her vision of the facts in a very long text published on Instagram.

New episode in the tribulations of the Icardi couple. The one who was presented as the third person at the origin of the discord within the couple Icardi is out of his reserve. The Argentine actress and model Maria Eugenia “China” Suarez, targeted by Wanda Nara, who accuses her of having secretly exchanged with her husband, Mauro Icardi, the Paris Saint-Germain striker, published a very long message where she clears itself of any responsibility. And denounces the violence of the media noise around this affair.

The reversed roles

“I am writing this letter to silence the outside noise of lies, abuse and biased viewpoints in the construction of stories manipulated to, once again, be the scapegoat for media violence,” writes her in one of her many Instagram story messages. “I have been silent for a long time for several reasons, the main one being fear and inexperience, she says. Not knowing what to name the level of lies and atrocities that are told to support the news. on television, minute by minute. “

The story of China Suarez
La story de China Suarez © @Capture

It is true that the story caused a stir in Argentina, where it received disproportionate treatment, when it is, after all, only a simple story of couples. “What is happening today has a much bigger and deeper story behind it, a story that many women will surely identify with,” she rectifies. have always believed the lyrics: that they were separated or in the process of separating and that there were no conflicts. I feel in this situation a hellish ‘Deja Vu’, where I pay once again reputation matters which are the personal domain of any woman. “

China Suarez feels like a feeling of déjà vu
China Suarez feels like a feeling of déjà vu © @Capture

Without being named, Mauro Icardi is clearly targeted, he who hastened to try to reunite his couple, fearing to lose permanently his wife, Wanda Nara, when she fled Paris. China Suarez regrets on this subject “the deep credibility that I gave to these men who then kept silent and let the wolves eat me”. “It seems like it’s more believable for this company, knowing how it always behaves, that I’m the bad guy, the one who cheats and not the one who’s cheated,” she says bitterly. Mauro Icardi, accused of infidelity, will he go to the front of his problems to confront them, at the risk of adding fuel to the fire with Wanda Nara? To be continued in the next episode.