Is Puig returning to the Major Leagues? The Cuban “exceeds” demand

The Cuban gardener Yasiel Puig He has managed to reach an out-of-court settlement and has invalidated the lawsuit for alleged sexual assault that he had against him … opening the possibility of his return to the Major Leagues.

According to Miami Herald, Puig and the anonymous plaintiff have reached a conciliatory agreement and the lawsuit for alleged sexual assault has been dismissed. The incident, an encounter that Puig always claimed had been consensual, has been dismissed although Puig will have to pay $ 100,000 to the plaintiff and cover the fees and costs of her litigation team.

The resolution, we could say that “in favor” of Puig opens a slight possibility of his return to the MLB …

As long as the Cuban finds a team that wants to sign him after several months of inactivity and a season in the Mexican Baseball League where he became the star of El Águila de Veracruz with a .312 batting average, .409 on-base percentage and .926 OPS OPS and helped get them into the postseason.

And why had Yasiel Puig been sued?

Regarding the incident, Puig always denied the statements of the accuser where she claimed that the Cuban had followed her to a bathroom at the Staples Center, in Los Angeles, after a Lakers game in October 2018 and “immobilized her with one arm.” To prevent her from leaving, he touched her and masturbated in front of her.

The plaintiff did not report the incident to the police, so there was no “official” testimony that could confirm or not the attack or would have made a report of it.

Let us remember here that the MLB did not raise (for the same reason) an investigation against Puig as it has done in other cases for not having given an “official report”, but without a doubt in some way this incident and the lawsuit for assault prevented Puig from being able to sign with a major league team.

Now, once “resolved” the door opens for Puig and his return to the MLB.

It will be?

Yasiel Puig talks about the issue on social networks …

Finishing writing this note we came across a long post on Instagram by Yasiel Puig where he spoke of having “learned a lot this year” and why he had reached a financial agreement with the defendant.

According to the Cuban, the reason is that the trial would take place until May 2022 or later and they offered him the possibility of paying $ 100,000 to be exonerated.

He also anticipates that he would try to return to baseball, “the sport that was born to play.” Here is the post: