Is the single-family house “nonsense”? Emmanuelle Wargon explains herself after her criticized remarks

HOUSING – Clear the land. On the evening of this Friday, October 15, the Minister for Housing Emmanuelle Wargon made a point of making a “point of view” in the face of virulent criticism from professionals in the sector to whom she declared that the single-family house was “ecological nonsense. , Economic and Social”.

Thursday October 14, Emmanuelle Wargon presented to housing professionals the conclusions of the survey “Living in the France of tomorrow”, “an ambitious approach initiated in February 2021 aimed at designing an ecological and desirable habitat of tomorrow” praises the website of the ministry. On this occasion, the minister was critical of the “model of the pavilion with garden (which) is not sustainable and leads us to a dead end”, according to statements reported by several media.

For Emmanuelle Wargon, “this model of urbanization which depends on the car to connect them” is no longer in phase with reality: an “ecological, economic and social nonsense” she declared, attracting the wrath of the federations.

In a column in the specialized press, the president of the French Federation of Individual Home Builders (FFC) David Hereng said he was “revolted” by remarks “made by a so-called ecological Parisian elite and yet very far from the territories, inhabitants and their concerns. ” He defended an “ancestral (…) housing culture” and “totally compatible with respect for the environment and preservation of biodiversity.”

The Housing pole of the French Building Federation (FFB) has “deplored the persistent stigmatization of individual housing, against the aspirations of the French” on Twitter.

Wargon denounces the “caricature” of his words

Faced with this outcry, the minister made a point of explaining her statements, deploring the “caricature” that was made of them. “I repeat it very clearly: there is no question of ending the single-family house. Yes, the French dream of the individual house because it is a promise of comfort, space and tranquility. Nobody wants to prevent or dissuade them from doing so, ”she said on Twitter.

However, she insisted on the need to “rethink our urban planning models” to meet everyday needs, in terms of proximity to public services, transport or shops.

The operation “Living in the France of tomorrow” aimed to “highlight other models of housing, more sustainable and more pleasant to live in, which for many already exist in France and are intended to develop in addition to the existing offer, which of course remains, ”according to a ministry statement released Friday evening.

He affirms that “individual houses all have their place in these new models”, and that the Minister “for her part will continue to defend all sustainable housing models which, without opposing the single-family house, provide prospects for development. ‘future to reconcile the ecological imperative and that of housing the French where they need it ”.

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