‘It was easier than I thought’. ‘Safer’ passengers with new airport rules

Since Wednesday, December 1st, all passengers traveling on international flights, regardless of having a vaccination certificate, are required to submit a negative diagnostic test to covid-19 at the time of boarding, with the exception of travelers with a recovery certificate of covid-19.

Circulation at airport arrivals has changed, there are security and police throughout the space, it is not possible for those waiting for family members to enter or circulate in that area, only passengers, now with ‘micas’ in their hands where they keep the negative test certificate ready to show the authorities or the mobile phone with the respective application where the ‘digital code’ can be read.

This morning, Lusa’s report addressed passengers who arrived in national territory, both nationals and foreigners, and there was unanimity in all those contacted, who agreed with the new mandatory rules for traveling to Portugal, despite not being equal in all countries.

Brenda Lopes arrived from Fortaleza, Brazil, after a three-week vacation. He found out about the new rules needed to travel to Portugal “just in time”, but he admits that it was ok.

“[Aqui] they even asked for the covid-19 test, but with regard to the vaccination certificate, they didn’t ask me”, said the young woman, adding that she agrees with the new rules. She even considered that “there could be more control”.

“It’s a concern that everyone should have, even at this point, people still need to be warned to wear a mask and keep their distance. I have nothing against it,” he said.