Jaime Ordiales, with the days counted in Cruz Azul

Versions suggest that Jaime Ordiales will not continue as a director of Cruz Azul, despite helping to get the league title, since he came to the club under the administration of Billy Álvarez

Jaime Ordiales will be outside the organization chart of the Blue Cross, informed ESPN Digital sources around the La Noria team.

Jaime Ordiales, which has gradually been diminished in its functions in Blue Cross and he was not considered to make the trip with the team led by Juan Reynoso to the United States, he will leave the current Mexican soccer champion, after arriving at the celestial team for the Clausura 2020, according to versions about the manager’s future.

Inside the club there is secrecy regarding the issue, although this medium could know from two sources that the future of Ordiales will be far from the heavenly institution. ESPN Digital sought to contact the manager, but had no response.

Ordiales will say goodbye to Blue Cross with the satisfaction of having done his bit to obtain the recent League title, which the cement squad could win after 23 years of fasting.

In his tenure as sports director of the Blue Cross, Ordiales He showed part of his eye in the choice of reinforcements and put into action his experience as administrator of the finances of the Cruzazulino club.

With Jaime Ordiales Luis Romo and Ignacio Rivero arrived at the team, two great successes in the cement group, in addition to Sebastián Jurado, Joaquín ‘Shaggy’ Martínez, Lucas Passerini, Pablo Ceppelini, Álex Castro and Jonathan Borja.

Ceppelini, Castro and Borja did not have the expected regularity and in the end, they had to leave the club.

Jaime Ordiales was able to consistently implement a way to save money for the Blue Cross, when his finances collapsed, after the legal problems of Guillermo Álvarez Cuevas, who was accused of an embezzlement of funds and resources of illicit origin.

On his way in Blue Cross, Jaime Ordiales He brought Jaime Cuesta and Armando González to the club, with whom he had worked in Querétaro. The first arrived as technical director of the U-17 team, while the second joined the cruzazulinos as helmsman of the U-20 category.

As you will recall, Armando González was recently fired by the Blue Cross, after a promising first tournament, but after delivering bad results in his last league competition, while Jaime Cuesta has just submitted his resignation and it is presumed that he has already joined the Xolos de Tijuana as responsible for the basic forces.


Little by little, Blue Cross continues to dismiss the allies of ‘Billy’ Álvarez and is left only with the people hired by its current administrators, who are headed by Víctor Manuel Velázquez, president of the Administration and Surveillance Council of the Cooperative Blue Cross.

The day before, Manuel Velázquez, who served as press officer of the celestial team and was an unconditional of the previous president, left the club, and before this Sergio Vázquez, in charge of the team’s logistics, had stepped aside. later Carlos Villar took office. The latter, however, has just been relegated to the area of ​​public relations.

It should be noted that a few weeks ago, the children of Óscar Sánchez, Guillermo Álvarez Cuevas’ cousin and who was in charge of managing the Hidalgo teams, were fired. In turn, Óscar Sánchez had suffered the same fate as his peers at the end of last year.